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Community News: Titan Omega goes to the Arcades
News posted 6th May, 2005 by Rikus  

Some cool news from Jay here folks it seems that a company wants to put his latest game Titan Omega on some new arcade pc-based cabinets. Congrats to Jay, who now needs to make a new version so that it looks good on the new cabinets. And no mather what you think of the game (i loved it) its always great to see things like this happening in the community.

Posted by Nuklear41 6th May, 2005

Posted by Assault Andy 6th May, 2005

That's great, how exciting!
Posted by Fifth 6th May, 2005

Kweh! That's awesome!
Posted by Jeremiah 7th May, 2005

That's cool. You should put a link to the game in the news post.
Posted by JPMarkey (Jambo) 7th May, 2005

Congrats Jay.
Posted by Death Reaper X0 7th May, 2005

Congrats! :D
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 7th May, 2005

!! That is fairly incredible. Well done!
Posted by Willy C 7th May, 2005

yay jay!
Posted by Teapot 7th May, 2005

I've known for a while now. Luckily, it's an Aussie companies, so us Aussies will play it before you guys do.
Posted by JPMarkey (Jambo) 7th May, 2005

Yeah, people who visit klik-me/newklear would've found out a while a go ;)
Posted by Batchman 7th May, 2005

the arcade have to be powerful to run this game :)
Posted by Joshtek 7th May, 2005

Fantastic! I hope it doesn't crash.
Posted by Zapper 8th May, 2005

Congrats! Thats brilliant news!
Posted by X_Sheep 8th May, 2005

Posted by Dr. James MD 8th May, 2005

cheers guys :) and cheers rikus toos the cabinets themselves are insanely powerful for a 2D machine so i have the potential to throw a lot of new effects in. for anyone interested i will be uploading the arcade version here but it will be slow on most machines and be fairly big thanks to a whopping uncompressed AVI on the title screen. i suppose all i can say now is keep an eye on for the new release!
Posted by Leerz 10th May, 2005

KEWL!!!!!!!!!!! XD awesome!! yay! WTG! (way to go) JAY! applause


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