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News posted 1st June, 2005 by The Chris Street  
Some of us admins have special abilities that only others can dream of. Wong, for example, can fly. Oh yes. He's flown over to the USA and, as a result, has gotten engaged. Then there's Shadowcaster, the Master Of Disappearance. And we can't forget Rikus, the baby making machine. The rest of us? Well, we're still learning the art of patience.

For example, we admins have a very nice, special "Pending Downloads" list, which for the last few weeks has gradually been filling up. Many games are accepted. And many are not, because of appalling descriptions or non-working links. You're trying our patience. In fact, you're stamping it into the ground and jumping up and down on it XD To Recap: Games will only be accepted if:

  • They have a working link
  • They have a decent description :)

  • Posted by Flava 1st June, 2005

    Posted by axel 1st June, 2005

    :O the evil inquisitor Circy-Torquemada is here to hunt down all bad downloads and DESTROY them! Flee my brothers, flee!
    Posted by The Chris Street 1st June, 2005

    Yeah well, the admins say this over and over again but so few people actually listen.
    Posted by -Vinny- 1st June, 2005

    i agree, people should be able to search into old submissions and actually know enough details about a submission, otherwise that submission is useless and should be deleted, because no one will download it as a result of having no idea what it is, and even more the images are crucial to figuring out what a submission is, and what the user is to get, without proper image links, some people tend to pass good products by, because of their laziness to read descriptions if any i agree with circy's demand (yes, demand, this shouldn't be a request that people can refuse) and it should be enforced heavily to ensure a higher quality of service
    Posted by Saven (CrobaSoft) 1st June, 2005

    Circy's special power: The ability to make internet-goers vomit; Those dentures scare me. :o
    Posted by Yai7 1st June, 2005

    What do you want from me! You beast! I'm an innocent citizen! Boy! I'm terrfied! Shaking my knees!!! (Where do I go?!? Where do I go?!? Where do I go?!?) Save me God!!! These guys actually belive they have super powers of their own! Ack! GgckGgckGgckGgck!!! Huuurrrrrllll!!!! That's nut!!! Save! Gulp! Help Me!
    Posted by Gaspy Conana 1st June, 2005

    I love you NastyMan!
    Posted by axel 1st June, 2005

    Posted by Flava 1st June, 2005

    Posted by Chrisbo 1st June, 2005

    you should also add "must include at least one screenshot"
    Posted by Nuklear41 1st June, 2005

    I agree!
    Posted by Hill Gigas 1st June, 2005

    What's sparking this drama? Are people posting, then complaining when their games dont get posted? Or are there just too many games getting posted that need rejecting?
    Posted by AsparagusTrevor 1st June, 2005

    Probably both.
    Posted by Silveraura 1st June, 2005

    Nice avatars beside the name, is that new? I like it.
    Posted by OFFINC/Aharms 1st June, 2005

    Nastyman keeps it real. As usual.
    Posted by Muz 1st June, 2005

    Screenshots, while highly appreciated aren't that important. If we were to reject all those games without screenshots, I think that'd be at least a quarter of the list XD
    Posted by Silveraura 1st June, 2005

    Screenshots are important, because half the time, people never leave a half decent discription & its still accepted, or people who dont speak english for a first language, & havent had years of practice, might find it difficult to explain there game well, & screenshots make it slightly easyer to say yes or no to downloading something, expecially bigger then 1MB for dialup users & even cable users at times.
    Posted by -Vinny- 1st June, 2005

    exactly, they have to SEE that what they are downloading is actually worth their time and money (this is for dial-up users of course) and pictures convey messages better than descriptions made by non-english users requiring us deciphering the description this is basically repeating what's already been said, but it needs reinforcing
    Posted by Assault Andy 2nd June, 2005

    Also, do not forget to check on your recently submitted downloads. We may have left a comment to tell you what needs to be fixed in order for your submission to be accepted.
    Posted by axel 2nd June, 2005

    i always include at least five screenshots. You get more downloads that way :D (w00t, i'm logical! :P)
    Posted by The Chris Street 2nd June, 2005

    Shroomlock: Exactly, both of those reasons.
    Posted by Broomie 2nd June, 2005

    So I could post a racist, sexist, blasphemist game which discriminates nearly everyone in the world but it has to have a working link and good description? Fair enough.
    Posted by X_Sheep 2nd June, 2005

    Arrgh! There be avatars in the comment section! I really can't escape those dentures anymore, can I? :P
    Posted by AsparagusTrevor 2nd June, 2005

    Where the hell is Shadowcaster anyway?
    Posted by DaVince 2nd June, 2005

    Okay, while we're at it, Why the hell don't you create a must-read rules link on the top of the news page?
    Posted by The Chris Street 2nd June, 2005

    Over to the big C.
    Posted by David Niemeyer 2nd June, 2005

    woo avatars
    Posted by Yai7 2nd June, 2005

    L.Ron Hubbard describe in he's books of dianetics: "Discover their weaknesses and their potenial for self damage!" Well... Admins can't practice in a compo! Thank you, NastyMan! Your needle is floating! Ha-Ha!
    Posted by Silveraura 2nd June, 2005

    You know what I dont get, why dont we just add a Rules link in the menu.. I mean newbies are going to come & go day to day & the news isnt going to stay there, make it visable & hell, give it red text & bold it while your at it!
    Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 2nd June, 2005

    Wow...the idiot-meter for the DC has gone up a couple notches I take it? I don't know if another front page will help, though. There has been many posts like this in the past, and it doesn't seem to be going through. Take drastic action. Kill them.
    Posted by Chrisbo 2nd June, 2005

    news page won't help, people won't read it.
    Posted by AndyUK 2nd June, 2005

    Why not make a dcmail autosend to the user if they're submission is rejected?
    Posted by Radix 2nd June, 2005

    Or have a "Your pending submissions" list in the My Daily Click box at all times.
    Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 2nd June, 2005

    I think Shadowcaster died.
    Posted by Zimtower 2nd June, 2005

    Shadow is in austrailia somewhere doin stuff, sometimes he goes to weird places for a little vacation, BUT last time i got got a hold of him and found out hes doin university work. Dont make rude comments, hes just trying to get an education instead of spending time at TDC.
    Posted by Broomie 3rd June, 2005

    "hes just trying to get an education instead of spending time at TDC." Don't you think you should follow that path aswell?
    Posted by Simon Colmer 3rd June, 2005

    lol, well guys i think DC (like it was going to be) a little more like Clikc Island - in the way there should be a quality limit - not just submissions with descriptions and download links but things that will be downloaded! I mean how many times do you see tha same usless downloads in the downloads section? have quality control (if admins have the time that is!)
    Posted by Broomie 3rd June, 2005

    I liked the way CI worked. Perhaps you should have a similar thing like Newgrounds have. If the game/application is unpopular or gets poor ratings, it should be BLAMMED!
    Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 3rd June, 2005

    I think we should leave Shadow alone. He's got a life now. :(
    Posted by Deathbringer 3rd June, 2005

    Freewebs, or your "My Documents" folder is NOT a working link! (yes, you can click on a link to freewebs, and the file will end up on your hard drive eventually, but the intervening SEVEN MILLION YEARS can annoy people)
    Posted by AsparagusTrevor 4th June, 2005

    I like to think I have a life too, doesn't mean I don't post here ever without any warning.
    Posted by The Chris Street 5th June, 2005

    Jesus, there are STILL people submitting stuff which doesnt include a description. Something needs to be done. *Commits suicide*


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