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Reminders: The sequel
News posted 8th June, 2005 by The Chris Street  
Well, having checked out the Pending Downloads list for the last few days, it seems nobody has read/listened to my little grumblefest a couple of posts down. Maybe you aren't aware that you can in fact view your own download in your profile, and edit it - even though it doesn't appear on the main pages of TDC.

Appalling descriptions are still creeping through at a sadly alarming rate, and from now on the admins will post a message under that product that you should improve it. And, if after, say, two or three days, this hasn't been done, the game will be deleted from the database. This has been another whinge from me. Signing out, Your Favourite Admin ;)

Posted by Joshtek 8th June, 2005

It wasn't me.
Posted by Tigerworks 8th June, 2005

Why not just simply enforce a minimum word count of 100 or something?
Posted by Flava 8th June, 2005

Or you could just have a zero tolerance thing. So if the download sucks, just delete it. Their own fault.
Posted by Hill Gigas 8th June, 2005

Circy, you should post some links to a few rejected download submissions so we can all see some examples! :P
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 8th June, 2005

There should be a couple more admins or summat, at the moment there only seesm to be about two or three who do stuff. I agree about the zero tolerance and/or minimum word and screenshot count.
Posted by Zimtower 8th June, 2005

I agree with trev, alot of admins have finally realized why they have been spending time at TDC instead of having an education or a REAL job. Since shadowcaster is taking a LOONNGG vacation till this fall and usually directs hiring a new admin I dont know how we are going to survive. Circy seems like the only admin active, and that gets pretty annoying, no offense but it is.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 8th June, 2005

There should be some sort of punishment for users who add a download that doesn't meet the requirments. I don't think making a minimum word count for each download would work- the person who submitted it could just add a bunch of spaces, or do what Nuklear did for his reviews- 'I liiiike how they diiiid this.'
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 8th June, 2005

A punishment you say? Castration maybe?
Posted by Radix 8th June, 2005

Posted by AndyUK 8th June, 2005

like i said before sending an auto mail to their dcmail explaining the rules may help, new members will surely read their first ever mail.
Posted by Silveraura 8th June, 2005

Ban people if they have more then 3 invalid submitions, or subtract DC points or what ever, newbies seem to think they count for something, so why not use it to your adventige.
Posted by Zimtower 9th June, 2005

why not a 3 strike rule, submit a crappy or invalid game 3 times in a single month then you lose your right to have your downloads posted on the front page for a whole month.
Posted by guri-n ha 9th June, 2005

Will there be a trilogy to these reminders?XD
Posted by The Chris Street 9th June, 2005

Ok, here are some examples of what I mean: Not trying to single anyone out, but these are currently all the games on the Pending Downloads, and every single one of them has a crap description.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 9th June, 2005

Wow...those are sad. O_o Somebody should put them out of their misery. I'd start a new account if I were them...
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 9th June, 2005

Gots to put em' down like a old dawg. *grabs shotgun*
Posted by Fatace 9th June, 2005

Ok i've fixed mine up now is that any better?
Posted by Fatace 10th June, 2005

real name?
Posted by axel 11th June, 2005

Yeh, Fatass maybe? Fatace sounds retarded. PS: i'm back you little bastards
Posted by Fatace 13th June, 2005

Meh, i like fatace, besides what kind of name is aggggge that makes no sense, where as Phizzy thats just classy :P


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