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New Demo - Assault Squad
News posted 24th June, 2005 by Assault Andy  
A new demo with great storyline and potential Simon Elo brings us the top-down shooter Assault Squad. Set in the future this game combines the best elements of action games such as the ability to pick up\drop weapons and control vehicles. It can also be played two player.

Comments from the Author:
The Genean Empire and Bodurian Empire have been in war for 2 long years after Bodurian General called "Nomad" took power at Boduria...the father of Wedge, Sledge, was killed in a important infiltration mission inside the Bodurian territory. A week ago platoon leader, captain Flo Borom was killed in ambush at the border of the two battling empires.

Click here to download the game and read its reviews.

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