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New Donation: Jonathan Smeby
News posted 31st July, 2005 by Rikus  

Here he comes to save the day!!!... Folks we have another new donation for you guys! Jonathan Smeby donated 15 dollars for the dc, and its great because we can really use this even more so now that we might have to move to a new and better server (stay tuned for that one) I also wanted to say once again that the donations are very important for the daily click so we can pay for the hosting and domain for many years to come. Clubsoft who is now in charge of the payments has to make the payments upfront and with the new server coming up we could really use your support.

Thanks again Jonathan i'm sure everyone will agree that You Rock! And folks be sure to leave a comment right here to say thanks!

Posted by hop 31st July, 2005

Thanks Jonny!!! And Noodle sucks ass. Quite a lot.
Posted by X_Sheep 31st July, 2005

Posted by stickboybob 31st July, 2005

yay! you izz da best!
Posted by Nuklear41 31st July, 2005

15$ If I dontate to this place then I get a front page congradulations?
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 31st July, 2005

Posted by Aptennap 31st July, 2005

and the day is saved mr.Jonny Incredible,YAAYYYHo and thanks for the JRPG tips. YOU ROCK YHEAAAAAAAAa
Posted by X_Sheep 31st July, 2005

nuklear - I guess so.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 31st July, 2005

I sense a mad make-me-a-star stunt from Nuklear: A 1 billion dollar donation, making his family suffer from mal-nutrition!
Posted by Teapot 31st July, 2005

Touch me Jonny boyo
Posted by Nuklear41 1st August, 2005

What is considerd a really expensive donation? like a hundred bucks? I could do like fifty if I had pay pals.
Posted by DaVince 1st August, 2005

XD You think you would do it, too? I once wanted to donate, but yeah, PayPal is credit card only... :'(
Posted by Rei Ayanami 1st August, 2005

Ah, another donation. Great! I really would want to donate but i dont know how to do it. Maybe ill try later... :)
Posted by Joshua M. 4th August, 2005

Good job, Jonno!
Posted by The Chris Street 11th August, 2005

If I ever win the lottery (I've played 4 times and won 10 out of 3) I might consider donating a significant amount... say, a dollar. (x40)


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