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Who wants free convention tickets?!
News posted 3rd August, 2005 by The Chris Street  
Well... I obviously would, but I've already paid! Never mind. Sarah, one of the organisers of this years Click Convention, is offering two free tickets to two individual members here at TDC.

Now, since the convention is only just over a month away, I figured it would take too much time and effort to run a competition and get everything judged on time. So, instead (and I've spoken with Sarah on this), if you're interested in free tickets and definately have full intention of going to the convention, put your name down under this news post. I will draw out names from a hat at home (or create an MMF name generator program and create a small video for proof that I'm not fiddling anything) and the first two names out of the hat will nab the tickets!

Again, I do ask sincerely that you only post here if you have the full intention of going. If you waste time by pretending to take an interest, then your removal from TDC will be considered since Sarah has been extremely generous, and we don't want to waste the tickets. Also, only put your name down once, and don't even think about creating multiple accounts, they will be checked over.

So all that remains to say is... good luck! TDC and its administration would like to thank Sarah for her very kind generosity :)

UPDATE: You have until next Saturday (13th August) to sign up for this.

Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 3rd August, 2005

I would love to go! But then again I'm only 14 and I don't think My parents would let me...too bad :(
Posted by The Chris Street 3rd August, 2005

As I said, don't bother replying here unless you have full intentions to go to the convention.
Posted by Wicked Studios 3rd August, 2005

I would really enjoy going to this, so plz put my name up.
Posted by Dr. James MD 3rd August, 2005

I'm not doing anything in september so *signs up*
Posted by Mephistex 3rd August, 2005

Yeah, why not. I'm not busy and I get free train travel, so stick me in your hat, o Circy. That wasn't a come-on, by the way.
Posted by Blackgaze 3rd August, 2005

when I first heard the idea I wasn't sure, the I saw the prices and = no way. even if "somehow" i put my name down and win I'm not sure i do much good while other people can, i will most likely ignore thr boring chat and have a biscuit instead
Posted by pulsecode 3rd August, 2005

Count me in! ;^) I lost track, didn't realise it was so soon allready!
Posted by Simon Colmer 4th August, 2005

Im in, sign me up scotty!
Posted by QuickSilva 4th August, 2005

Please add me to the list, I think it would be a great opportunity to meet the team behind on of the best products out there. Jason.
Posted by Long John Kickbag 4th August, 2005

Put me down, maybe I can save myself the troublesome and timeconsuming task of getting my dad to order something.
Posted by Broomie 5th August, 2005

Put me down, even though I live right next to it I'm cheap. I wouldn't mind going though.
Posted by Dr. James MD 5th August, 2005

i think it'll be great to put a human person behind all this text
Posted by Broomie 8th August, 2005

Actually, take me out of this. I'm busy on the day of the convention.
Posted by gizmo 9th August, 2005

Count me in baby!!!! (The draw ends on my birthday too, hint hint...)
Posted by Rhodesy 12th August, 2005

Im in. PLease.
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 14th August, 2005

yay! I can post in here now! spamspamspam....leprechauns...
Posted by Gilgamesh 16th August, 2005

rofl raffle
Posted by Gilgamesh 16th August, 2005

OH SHI- too late. :(


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