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GOTW #146 - Chup's Quest
News posted 20th August, 2005 by The Chris Street  
Once again, a Shroomlock game wins the GOTW award for this week! This time, it's for his game Chup's Quest, an RPG adventure. Special mention also to Ropedrink who came a very close second with his Breakout clone MehPong - Planetarion - which was his very first game created with a Clickteam product. A very impressive achievement, so congratulations to both you guys!

Click here to download the GOTW

This weeks entrants - Burger Time, JonnyRPGeewizz, Elacsy, and Interactive Fiction Engine And Player.

Heh... in my last post I noted how lazy the other admins were... so this week I unwittingly took a backseat to Rikus as he consistently added games to the front page just when I was about to do them, which explains my lack of activity. Well, not really...

Posted by Phredreeke 20th August, 2005

JonnyRPGeewizz is gonna win, I haven't played any of them, I just know JonnyRPGeewizz is gonna win. Unless Joshua bribes me to put out links to vote on his engine :D
Posted by Joshua M. 20th August, 2005

Lol. I'm even suprised my engine is in the GOTW poll. Anyway, I'm gonna vote on JonnyRPGeewizz :)
Posted by Phredreeke 20th August, 2005

Wait a min... Engines can make GOTW but demos can't?
Posted by Sirian 20th August, 2005

Good job for MehPong Planetarion ! Congratulations ! (Yes, I have a bad english, I know I know...)
Posted by Rikus 20th August, 2005

Lol hey sorry circy, just tried to update it whenever i had a free second:)


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