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Daily Click Online Game?
News posted 25th August, 2005 by Rikus  

Jonathan has started up a great topic on our forums about everyone to join in to create a online daily click game. We need programmers and graphic artists to make this a reality. So join in the discussion and maybe we can do something really cool here. (oh ps the picture is fake but it could look like that someday, just to give you an idea:)

Comments from the topic by Jonathan: Seriously peoples. I just wanna know, and you can all hopelly discuss the possibilities of whether it's posible or not, but what would it take to make The Daily Click game??? It'd basically be a MMORPG with out the RPG. It'd be an online klik game where you could join other klikers that might happen to be playing at the time too and walk around in a simple overhead 8-way movement. You cool talk and your text would appear over your head a for a little bit (like in Penguin Chat, errrr google it). At the beginning you could choose your name and what sprite you wanna have (from a big selection of many various cool sprites). Click here to read the entire topic and to post reply's on it.

Posted by Liquixcat 26th August, 2005

Way to go Jonathan...give that boy a (*g)
Posted by Phredreeke 26th August, 2005

Phizzymon digivolves to... Manwhoraemon
Posted by Ecstazy 26th August, 2005

Errr, so it's just a form of chatting right now? Not really exciting.
Posted by Joshua M. 26th August, 2005

Goodie goodie! What a great idea!
Posted by clwe 26th August, 2005

Well, of course it would be cool if a project like this eventually saw the light of day (and was more than a glorified chat room). However...right now there's a completely disorganised topic where everyone's throwing their own ideas around. Somebody needs to sift through them and make decisions on exactly how things are going to be done, before it'll go any further.
Posted by Radix 26th August, 2005

You win the prize.
Posted by Liquixcat 27th August, 2005

give him a mug
Posted by PlayfulGames 27th August, 2005

Sounds like a great idea, maybe use it instead of the Chat room, as standard download upon signing up - ie user who join the site need to register both on the site and then create avatar within the game - How about a townhall within the game world, where meetings can be held, workshops where tips, tools and demonsrations can be shown, etc, etc...
Posted by Dustin Gunn 27th August, 2005

or you know, you could have realistic goals and along with them a small possibility to actually finish the game, as opposed to fanciful ones with jack shit...
Posted by Radix 27th August, 2005

That sort of stuff can be added in user rooms. The core coding should be relatively trivial once we have everything planned out.
Posted by Flava 27th August, 2005

Yeh, but we need a server first.
Posted by Flava 28th August, 2005

Because we need one. Would be pointless to make a full online game, then find we have no server to actually host it on.
Posted by Radix 28th August, 2005

That's one of the things we'll address when we get started on the design proper.
Posted by X_Sheep 29th August, 2005

I know people with servers. :O
Posted by Burfelt 29th August, 2005

I should be able to help with a server
Posted by Radix 30th August, 2005

Ah, nice. I'll add your link in the TDC Game discussion. We're about halfway to a full team, I think. Hoorah.


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