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New Donation: Flava!!
News posted 30th August, 2005 by Rikus  

We got a new donation today folks! The always great "Flava" has donated 5 spiffy dollars with a promise of more to come! !Wooohoo! Lets take this space and say a big Thank you! to flava for continuing to support the dc by donating! Donating is really important to the dc so we can use it to pay for current hosting, the domain name and even for future hosting providers if needed to be. Donating helps to keep the dc alive. So Thanks again not only to Flava but to all who have donated in the past, because of you all we are still here! Woohooo!:)

Posted by Dark (DOE) 30th August, 2005

You guys would still be here without the donators, it just makes it easier for you guys to keep going with the donations.
Posted by Rikus 30th August, 2005

I have to disagree, the donations have always helped us out. In the past there have been a couple of close calls in trying to get to a certain limit to pay off the hosting.
Posted by Liquixcat 31st August, 2005

Way to go Flava!{celebrate}
Posted by Assault Andy 31st August, 2005

Thanks a bunch, it really helps out!
Posted by Flava 31st August, 2005

Yeh I guess I am great arn't I? :D
Posted by Flava 31st August, 2005

Sthu :P
Posted by Rei Ayanami 31st August, 2005

OMG! Nice avatar Assault Andy! :D Okay, back to the topic. Yeah, thanks Flava! I will donate some day also, I promise! I just need money first :p , so it can take a while though.
Posted by Reno 31st August, 2005

lol. Ya flava, you made a big differance thanx! :-)
Posted by axel 31st August, 2005

whoooh. :P GO FLAVA! U R TEH ROXX!!1
Posted by Phredreeke 31st August, 2005

I wonder how little one can donate and still get on front page... hmmm...
Posted by Flava 31st August, 2005

Oo you cheeky muppet! My donation may seem small but actually I will be making more than one donation which will add up to a big donation. I can only give money if I actually have it you know? :D
Posted by Phredreeke 31st August, 2005

Nah, I was thinking if I could donate 1 cent, and still get on the front page XD (would probably cost TDC money in administration fees actually...)
Posted by Flava 31st August, 2005

Polar bears
Posted by Radix 31st August, 2005

Would that get one on the front page? I mean, if they were a mating pair. Nobody wants two dudes.
Posted by Radix 31st August, 2005

I don't think they make gay pandas.
Posted by c-jayf 31st August, 2005

God only made one pair, but they died.
Posted by MasterM 31st August, 2005

what do i have to pay to get a "spiffy" filter?
Posted by Muz 1st September, 2005

Phrizzy: $5 minimum donation. I dare you to donate right now :P. Flava: Thanks for the donation. All you people who've donated $5 to TDC are worth more than the people who spend $5 on coffee :P. If you're too lazy to donate, why not buy a TDC t-shirt? ;)


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