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News posted 1st September, 2005 by Rikus  

Yes folks a team is in place for the new Daily Click Online game. Everyone is already hard at work, and things are looking good! I'll pass the microphone to teamleader Radix who will introduce the crew and any updates on the project.

Radix says: The team currently consists of the following dudes: Jonny, Radix, Brandon, Flava, Assault Andy, Phizzy, X_Sheep and Hisnak.

Things that are happening now in the subforum: We're discussing how to store data on the server and how to keep people logged in when they change rooms. We're trying to figure out what we'll do for a Moo server. - Flava is now my official sidekick, though he hasn't made a costume yet. - Muz keeps trying to help even though he isn't a team member. - We've exchanged IM details. We're discussing how the movement system will work (keyboard based, sends data and coordinates only when key input changes, possibly semi-tile-based). - There will definitely not be custom characters, though you will be able to customize your character's appearance and maybe buy embellishments.
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Posted by Muz 1st September, 2005

Where do you get these screenshots? :P
Posted by Rikus 1st September, 2005

The screenshots are from Robotrek an old snes game, i just added the text myself:)
Posted by Muz 1st September, 2005

Aww... I thought there were female klikers :P
Posted by Assault Andy 2nd September, 2005

I've been wondering that same question for a while :P
Posted by Radix 2nd September, 2005

Robotrek was awesome. And that screen actually gives me an idea on how to do the character components.
Posted by X_Sheep 2nd September, 2005

Heh, the Jonny character fits :P All it needs is glasses XD
Posted by Keatontech! 2nd September, 2005

I'm glad that this is actually going to happen, it sounds really cool!
Posted by Reno 2nd September, 2005

Heh, got a little compitition goin' on. I'm making an online game myself, but i've been working on it for bout 2 months already. Good luck to your game, it's gona be great!!!! Can't Wait :p


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