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New Preview/Game: Arunderan Beta
News posted 2nd September, 2005 by Rikus  

Ohh do we got something cool for you all today! Tiles has submitted a beta version of his latest game that you can download. The game design is really well setup and you got to love the great gameplay and amazing graphics. Even if this is still a beta "Arunderan" is a game not to be missed.

Comments from the author:Arunderan is a mousecontrolled 2D Action Adventure. Somewhere between Zelda 3 and Diablo 1. The nimble Stan has the oder to free the town Arunderan from a curse. All citizens are changed into sheeps. Their bodies are trapped in soulstones, which are placed all over Arundistan. Destroy those soulstones to change the citizens back to normal. Defeat the bad Gnarz who has cursed the citizens of Arunderan. Click here to download the beta and read its comments.

Posted by Djfuego 3rd September, 2005

Great game :) simple and addictive. Only problem is the WMA files. Are they just recorded midi? MIDI would be smaller.
Posted by Tiles 3rd September, 2005

LOL, never tell this to my musician :D But yeah, he uses a sequencer to create his music. So Midi is involved. But believe me, the music would sound completely crappy when the songs would use the General Midi Library ... Problem may be the compression here. 80 Kbit. And that kills a lot. The music is also not finished yet. The first three songs are the final mixes. Mainmenu.wma, Intro.wma and Arunderan.wma. The remaining nine songs are the raw mixes. My musician is currently at work to create the final mixes for it ...


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