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New Engines: The BibEngine & Daiz's Platform Engine
News posted 3rd September, 2005 by Rikus  

Sometimes an author creates his own engine and share it with everyone. bibinson and Daiz did just that. And the engine's that they created are not bad at all and can be used for all sorts of games.

Comments from the author:From Bibinson: You control the little marroon. You can bounce on springboards, and squish enemies (goombas!). If you hold jump (shift) while bouncing on a springboard or goomba, you bounce higher.There are also one way portals, so you can not go back.

From Daiz: This platform engine features: - Pixel-accurate collision detection - Support for slopes, platforms and moving platforms - Ladders and spring support

Click here to download the bibinson engine and read its reviews.

Click here to download the daiz's platform engine and read its reviews.

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