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Convention Brief and Photo!
News posted 12th September, 2005 by The Chris Street  
Hey guys, I'm back from the convention! Meaning no more mediocre GOTW images! But seriously, it was a great event - the biggest so far. Several people ran demonstrations, including Mark Pay, Simon Pittock and myself (although mine started with a few hitches, plus those damn stickykeys!). One of the convention draw winners (Gizmostripe) couldn't make it, so Simon Colmer took his place, and I found out near the end of the day that he actually lives only five miles away from me.

Loads of stuff on MMF2 was spoken about, as well as the possibility of Jamagic becoming a freeware product after selling badly, and it was great to meet old and new faces again - although some people I never got around to speaking to. The pub meal was great, very tasty and everyone was chatting away as if they were all old friends.

My Click Convention 2005 Report is still being written, but I just thought I'd update the front page on the basics of some of the events which took place on Saturday. I would also like to thank Sarah and Jason Darby for organising this great convention. Jason has also uploaded the group photo (I'm actually visible in it this time, hurrah!) at the Click Convention site.

Click here to view the 2005 group photo!

Posted by Willy C 12th September, 2005

that was a happy bunch of peuples! Anyway. finish the article today, pretty please!
Posted by Simon Colmer 12th September, 2005

lol, it was because nobody knew when the photo was going to be taken, the guy stood there for a while trying to get the cams working :P Wooh, it was a fabby day, thanks for giving me a chance to go Daily Click - wooooh
Posted by Pete Nattress 12th September, 2005

Watch out, ladies! Is anyone going to label that photo so we know what everyone looks like?
Posted by Broomie 12th September, 2005

Oh crap I was suppose to go to this, had my ticket and everything!
Posted by contra 12th September, 2005

Nice to hear you had a good time. I'm eagerly awaiting reports on MMF2.
Posted by Liquixcat 12th September, 2005

Can't wait for that report!
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 12th September, 2005

Tell the convention people to make a North American convention too. *picket sign
Posted by Reno 12th September, 2005

I couldnt go :-( I live in the US. It's my dream to go! So who are all these people? Anyone I would Know?
Posted by hishnak 12th September, 2005

Yea, Which one are you Circy?
Posted by Simon Colmer 12th September, 2005

heres the ones i remember - you lot can add to it
Posted by shakingspear 12th September, 2005

Check out all the lady.
Posted by Burfelt 12th September, 2005

Here is a picture with names In case I made a mistake in here: Locate the guy called Burfelt in the picture, so that you may take it all out on him at next years convention.
Posted by MasterM 12th September, 2005

haha i was just going to post: burferlt is the guy in the white shirt with the blue shirt but well i clicked on comment scrolled down and saw that burfelt himself already said where he is (and everyone else) oh man its funny that june was there as well the funny old lady from the first convention a pity she didnt bring her white click shirt this time where is circy?
Posted by chrilley 12th September, 2005

Is it ... possible that Francois is Santa clause? O_o
Posted by Djfuego 12th September, 2005

OK Chris but hurry up and finish MR Stumps 2. It's looking badass and I want to play it.
Posted by The Chris Street 12th September, 2005

lol I'll do my best :) I just need to get my convention report done first :D
Posted by X_Sheep 12th September, 2005

No Jeff?
Posted by The Chris Street 12th September, 2005

yeah I wondered why he wasn't on the photo.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 12th September, 2005

Clickers are scary.
Posted by JP 12th September, 2005

Attention American Klikkers, there will be a 2006 Click Convention held in Honolulu Hawaii!
Posted by Andi Smith 12th September, 2005

Nice to see the names to the photo. There are a few people missing though. Leave Circy alone, he's a cool guy. He's definitely not camp. And MSD2 roXXors!
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 12th September, 2005

So Firemonkey is still alive? He hasn't been around the TDC in ages.
Posted by Liquixcat 12th September, 2005

I pictured circy looking more like a little bitch, oh well. I still have my memories.
Posted by 12th September, 2005

I wish I could've gone ^^; And the only reason Circy's being bothered is that sometimes kiddies pay too much attention to small little, sometimes untrue, details.
Posted by Rikus 13th September, 2005

Cool pic!
Posted by JP 13th September, 2005

I like Circy
Posted by Hayo 13th September, 2005

This community keeps amazing me, censoring stuff after everybody has read it :)
Posted by The Chris Street 13th September, 2005

Mark Pay was there, we saw TSE2 in action (it looks beautiful) The article is very, VERY long at the moment, and its still unfinished! Sorry about the wait peoples.
Posted by Hayo 13th September, 2005

Take your time Circy, good to hear there is so much to write about.
Posted by The Chris Street 13th September, 2005

In the meantime do you like my new avatar? XD
Posted by Radix 14th September, 2005

Nah. Kinda gay.
Posted by Matt Boothman 14th September, 2005

Boo! Faschism!
Posted by The Chris Street 14th September, 2005

Any more comments about the way I look will result in deletion. I've had enough.
Posted by Radix 14th September, 2005

25kg? Dude.


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