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Click Convention 2005 Audio Files
News posted 13th September, 2005 by Rikus  

There they are, the folks at the convention!!! I heard it was a great convention and everyone had a good time. AndyH also was at the convention and recorded.. The Entire Day! Oh yea, grab a drink, get yourself some food because you are going to enjoy the next couple of hours:) Oh and i just been informed by Sarah over at the clickteam forums that she has made a pretty cool transcript of it all. You can check it out on the second link below.

Comments from AndiH: For the benefit of those that could not attend, I have recorded (audio only) the entire day. You missed one hell of a day, lots of great stuff to see and a special beta to play with. Please do not ask anyone for a copy, as everyone has signed an NDA for it. I'll ask Jeff, Francois, Yves, Jason if we can take some screenshots of the most exiting bits, but int he mean time here is the audio for the first talk. I'll try to get all of them done this week and added to the post. Click here to listen to The Click Convention 2005.

Click here to read the transcript of the convention 2005.

Posted by Assault Andy 13th September, 2005

Welcome back Rikus, how was your weekend? :P
Posted by Andi Smith 13th September, 2005

AndyH, Rikus - I'm Andi ;)
Posted by axel 13th September, 2005

You got MMF2 betas?! :O show us some screenshots!! :D
Posted by Assault Andy 13th September, 2005

They can't show anything, they're under a NDA.
Posted by axel 13th September, 2005

Posted by The Chris Street 13th September, 2005

Clickteam released a press-pack a while ago which contained screenshots. Can't remember the exact URL.
Posted by Assault Andy 14th September, 2005

The best bit is when he says... "Oh no, I have forgotten sometink"
Posted by Reno 14th September, 2005

Posted by The Chris Street 14th September, 2005

Yeah, in a high pitched squeaky voice, haha, that was great XD Report will be up VERY soon. I've sent it off to Jason Darby who is going through it and checking that I don't break any disclaimers or anything.


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