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Daily Click Game -Update: 2-
News posted 13th September, 2005 by Rikus  

Ahhh welcome to our second update for the dc game and yes its all still a go! Oh and Ps, the picture is just a sample of what could be that hishnak created. It does not resemble the final project. Join Radix as he explains whats going on right now with the project...

Radix says: We went back to discussing custom characters a bit. It's one hundred percent not happening. Not even as a reward, because there's just no way to do it that ensures we don't mess up the graphical style and being fair to everyone. Smeby has given us a mockup of the sprites he's doing, including an ambiguously homoerotic one that I'll leave as a suprise. Dependency flowcharts for the win. Movement looks like it's going to be tile-based at this juncture. It solves some practical problems and by combining it with another method, lag should be super minimised. It'll also make things easier (and more uniform) for room builders. Still no final word on what the Hub design will be. I'm thinking we should just give up any hope of a theme and just stick anything in there that we need. I go home on Friday. As soon as I'm there, I'll get out the big whip and we'll get this thing made.
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Posted by Reno 13th September, 2005

You don't have to worry about lag if you have dead rekoning for everyone. Xpos("other_person") > moogame_recieve(Xpos) then, set Xpos("other_person")-1 Xpos("other_person") < moogame_recieve(Xpos) then, set Xpos("other_person")+1 Ypos("other_person") > moogame_recieve(Ypos) then, set Ypos("other_person")-1 Ypos("other_person") < moogame_recieve(Ypos) then, set Ypos("other_person")+1 If you understand this. Basicly you need two active objects, the "actuall person"(visable) and a "pos_setter"(invisible) the pos_setter gets the pure laggy positions on recieve then the actuall charictar walkes torward the "laggy"pos_setter creating the illusion that there is no lag. (the lag is invisible) If you don't understand, just DC mail me. But I explained almost everything, so even a n00b should understand! Reno
Posted by Radix 13th September, 2005

Thanks, but that's a terrible method. With a large number of users, it would be laggy as hell. Doesn't matter if you can see it or not. We have two methods that will generate minimal lag to begin with, and by combining them we should be able to handle lots of players.
Posted by Assault Andy 14th September, 2005

That is a terrible method, and a pre-thanks to anyone else. We're okay when it comes to coding ;), we just want your ideas.
Posted by Reno 14th September, 2005

OK. I'll tell you when I have anymore idea's. By the way, I've tryed that method with 15 players and it doesn't lag at all!:o But it may be diffrent on a MMORPG. Is this game a MMORPG? Or is it more just for fun and like a MMO?
Posted by Radix 14th September, 2005

Kind of a graphical MUSH. Kind of.
Posted by MasterM 14th September, 2005

what is the screamshot from?
Posted by hishnak 14th September, 2005

"scream shot"? Is it that bad:P Its just a mockup of the hub area.
Posted by Radix 14th September, 2005

With hishnak's sprites though. Smeby's sprites (the ones we're using) are more cartoony and shroomular. The interface will be different, too.
Posted by Broomie 14th September, 2005

That's clickirific.
Posted by Keatontech! 14th September, 2005

Sounds great, I really can't wait, please hurry!
Posted by AndyUK 14th September, 2005

I trust you guys to do a top job, And it's good to hear things are moving along nice and smooth.
Posted by Liquixcat 15th September, 2005

If you make a penguin sprite smeby, I'll love you forever...or just like you a lot better.
Posted by MasterM 15th September, 2005

yeh screamshot is the way the cool kids say it XD (tdc smily)
Posted by Rhodesy 15th September, 2005

I think I remember Clubsoft playing with this idea a few years ago, if it was for TDC or not I forget, it was all web based though. But he gave up....
Posted by DaVince 16th September, 2005

This one is going to be finished. Almost the entire TDC supports the people who are creating it. :)
Posted by axel 20th September, 2005

buh lol


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