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New Website: Noz Software
News posted 24th September, 2005 by Rikus  

The always cool Tigerworks had recently shut down his website but he is back! Together with HSoftware (Herb) they formed a new company called Noz Software The website has some great downloads and extensions for click software. Give there website a visit. I wish both Tigerworks and Herb the best with there new company.

Comments from the author: Welcome to Noz Software. We write classes, applications and application extensions primarily in the C++ programming language. On this site you can find free applications to download and information on each member of Noz Software.
Click here to visit Noz-Software

Posted by Dark (DOE) 25th September, 2005

Did Tigerworks ever finish Terminal Orbit? If he ever going to if he hasn't?
Posted by Tigerworks 25th September, 2005

Terminal Orbit is still under development.
Posted by Dark (DOE) 26th September, 2005

Well that is good to hear...I was wondering if you had abandoned it or what ^_^


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