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Jannis Quits Klik-Me
News posted 12th October, 2005 by The Chris Street  
Quick and demoralising news post: Jannis Stoppe has announced that he has stepped down as the editor/owner of Klik-Me. Another administrator - RapidFlash - will step in to take his place to try and smooth out the big creases that Jannis leaves behind. Click here for more information

Posted by axel 12th October, 2005

Posted by Flava 12th October, 2005

That "joke" sooo last year.
Posted by Liquixcat 12th October, 2005

RapidFlash the male porn star will take over ONCE AGAIN!
Posted by Muz 12th October, 2005

Well, it does seem to be dying. Maybe not a quick, painful death, but a slow, cancerous, almost unnoticable death. Just compare this year's community with that of 3 years ago. No more chat networks (with people in them), no more active star klikers (cept maybe Rikus), and worse of all, no more good games. And now, yet another legend falls...
Posted by Liquixcat 12th October, 2005

You make it sound so depressing. When MMF2/TGF2 come out the community will be much more alive.
Posted by Tigerworks 13th October, 2005

omg liek wtf
Posted by Flava 14th October, 2005

No good games? Theres been plenty - maybe not recently, but there have been some great games this year. And there are tons of great games being made now - the only time I'll even consider the community to be dying is if maybe the DC closes or something.. Or we all get wiped out maybe.
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 15th October, 2005

Hey Knp on blitzed is still there, though the amount of Klik related talk there is minimal at best.


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