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Christmas Competition Update
News posted 3rd December, 2005 by The Chris Street  
This is a notice regarding the submission of competition entry games. An amendment to the rules page will shortly follow, as I feel it is quite important.

Please don't include your name or group name in the actual application. In fact, please don't include your name, online and real, group name or address ANYWHERE within the zip file.

Instead, when you send the application to me, please also mention in the DC-Mail your real name and address - so only I will know this, and not the other judges - to prevent any potential biased officiating. Some of the other admins have expressed concern over the current idea, and we've come up with a form of anonymity.

Each entrant will be assigned a random ID number, which will be revealed to the judges. And, hoping that you've kept your plans to yourselves, this should eliminate any potential biasedness - especially where admins in groups are concerned.

If you have any comments or queries, please contact me.

UPDATE: Seems as though some people are unhappy about this idea, so we're going to offer this as an option. Every entry will still be allocated an ID number, but you can if you really want to, include your name and group details (ideally though, you should keep them seperate) - but don't come crying to us when/if you don't agree with our decisions!

Posted by 3rd December, 2005

Boo I can't give my address
Posted by Pete Nattress 3rd December, 2005

"Biasedness" is not a word.
Posted by The Chris Street 3rd December, 2005

Pete: It is now

Phizzy: You might have a point there.

Everyone in the forums has started to show screenshots: I'd advise all the admins NOT to look if they want to keep the anonymous submissions
Posted by AndyUK 3rd December, 2005

some games have screenshots already in the forum topic. So, you'll know my game. You would anyway because i use characters ive shown before.
Posted by 3rd December, 2005

uh... if i can't tell my name and i wanna bribe i can tell the name of my game...
for example:
"i'll give you 100$ and you'll say that 'santa and his bananas' is the best game"
Posted by hishnak 3rd December, 2005

I'm deleting my screenshot right now.
Posted by Hayo 3rd December, 2005

People won't know its my game when they see NationalLiberal in a santa suit in BnH styled gfx right?
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 3rd December, 2005

It seems what's being said is you've all agreed the admins have agreed that they can't be trusted to judge a competition without bias?

My entry's gonna be called "Santa and the Wizard's Sleeve". I will have one major disadvantage over the other games though, as the game will sadly not exist.

Posted by Dustin Gunn 3rd December, 2005

but what if the person that's most biased against is Circy? Hey, uhhh, let's bury the hatchet, whaddaya say?
Posted by The Chris Street 3rd December, 2005

Actually I don't have any problems with anybody at the present

Anyway, Clickteam has placed their trust in my ability to be impartial, otherwise they would not have supplied the prize.

Asparagus: It's highly unlikely that anyone would be biased anyway. Take last year; Super Santa Snowland, by Eve (at Natomic now) was great fun, all the judges liked it, but individually we all hardly knew Eve. In fact we still know very little about him. The concern is there because this year will have a very huge and important prize. I think this is the best way we could do things.
Posted by Hayo 3rd December, 2005

nah, its good for Dave C i guess.
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 4th December, 2005

It's not exactly so that we can judge it without bias (which I hope everyone could do anyway) - it's so that we can't be accused of bias.
Posted by Radix 4th December, 2005

This is fucking stupid. I've already made my intro screen, it already prominently displays my name, screen name and logo, and I'm not changing it just because you're paranoid, circledude.
I trust the judges to do their job, the judges (should) trust the judges to do their job, and if anyone whinges about the outcome they can choke on platypus eggs.
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 4th December, 2005

He's not paranoid. The idea was actually put forward by me.
Posted by Pete Nattress 4th December, 2005

And supported by me. But we forwarded it before Circy announced the competition at all, so why he's chosen to add it now is a bit of a puzzlement.
Posted by Keatontech! 4th December, 2005

I think it's a good idea, even though I already put the KeatonTech logo in every single frame. I don't want to lose just because everybody hated Avoider, KeatonB PlayCD, Klik Basestation, ect...
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 4th December, 2005

wont make any diference now will it?
Posted by The Chris Street 4th December, 2005

I'm just going along with what the other admins suggested. It is a good idea, but if your game loses and we know who made it, don't blame us if you feel we've been biased against it.
Posted by CsaR 4th December, 2005

so basicly we don't have to follow that guideline if we don't want to?
Seems kinda stupid if some follow it and some don't....
Posted by hishnak 4th December, 2005

I'm confused now.
Posted by MasterM 4th December, 2005

I think this is a VERY good idea BUT
"ANYWHERE within the zip file"
you havent said zip file before. before it was only a PACKAGE and a package can be RAR (pwns zip) as well. now you say zip. so DOES it have to be zip?
8mb is a pretty nice file size though so it shouldnt matter too much. its just that i dont want to use zip- there are just some things (like apple) i want to boycott
Posted by Faithtoken 4th December, 2005

We feel that it is quite important for the feeling of our game that we have our logo in the begining of our game...
Posted by Faithtoken 4th December, 2005

And I as a graphics artist, feel a little worried about giving away a game (opensource) without being alowed to place my name somewhere in it...

Does anyone else share my worries?
Posted by Hayo 4th December, 2005

Yeah. I am also very offended by the fact you dont get points for original music, somebody do something!!!

Actually I kind of trust the judges.
Posted by The Chris Street 4th December, 2005

MasterM: The information page was updated a while ago. It does mention that only ZIP files are allowed, but also, because of stuff that needs to be included, the size is now 12MB, not 8

Ok then, well, how about I don't enforce this rule? You could include your details only if you wanted to, how about that - but you don't have the right to question the judges decisions?
Posted by Hayo 4th December, 2005

Thats a good idea. Anybody who doesn't agree will be arrested by the ACBR.
Posted by Zimtower 4th December, 2005

This year i will participate, it will be something pretty intresting.
Posted by Jenswa 4th December, 2005

What are the guaranties that you won't run away with the code, claiming it to be yours?
Posted by Radix 4th December, 2005

Circy? Nobody should ever be questioning the judges after results are announced. That's the point.

You know, this would've been fine if announced at the beginning of the competition, but it's needlessly disruptive for such a pointless rule to be introduced now.
Posted by Silveraura 4th December, 2005

You know, I really like how nicely the DC's Christmas theme is comming. These solid blue bars & that standard DC logo just brings up the christmas joy in all of us, wouldnt you say?
Posted by vortex2 4th December, 2005

I can't do this as my game uses characters that are really closely related to my name .
Posted by DaVince 5th December, 2005

Quote from Circy: "Ok then, well, how about I don't enforce this rule? You could include your details only if you wanted to, how about that - but you don't have the right to question the judges decisions?"

So you can do this now.
Posted by axel 5th December, 2005

I haven't done anything on my game. Just a CPM and some sprites, and I'm already bored. Expect something like Joe's 48 hour quest from me again, I'll never finish anything decent in time
Posted by The Chris Street 5th December, 2005

Yes well, this rule is no longer enforced, it's entirely optional. But you'll still be given ID numbers, it's just up to you if you wish to remain anonymous or not. We don't want to be accused of being biased, that was the concern of the OTHER admins (not really me!).
Posted by MasterM 5th December, 2005

could somebody please update the competition page when i click on competition in the nav bar. otherwise it isnt THAT easy to reach the page with all the informations on the current competition
Posted by The Chris Street 5th December, 2005

YEAH, Clubsoft
Posted by axel 7th December, 2005

Update: Screw the bloody platformer. I hate them anyway. It looks like I'm doing something in 3D again...
Posted by Dave_sex_C 7th December, 2005

if i dont win its because there is an admin that doesnt like me. i KNOW circy will vote for my game.
Posted by axel 8th December, 2005

Phizzy: So you can steal my codesssss? Nopezors!
Posted by hishnak 8th December, 2005

Dave, what your problem? Stop being such a snob...I can see why an admin wouldn't like you.
Posted by Dave_sex_C 9th December, 2005

m just stating facts man SETTLE DOWN. my game is > than yours.
Posted by hishnak 9th December, 2005

It might be true but you just don't go around saying stuff like that when you havn't even seen my game.
Posted by Dave_sex_C 9th December, 2005

i dont need to play your game to know its kyoto.5 youre not fooling anyone with your snow covered tiles jks jks lets be friends.
Posted by hishnak 9th December, 2005

Dang! I was sure the snow would fool people!


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