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2005 we will miss you!
News posted 8th December, 2005 by Rikus  

Hey folks its been a while lol, just want to say that the year is almost over and that means that the DC-TimeLine is going to be updated soon! Woohoo.

Now in my yearly write up of the year i might miss a thing or two so if you guys could remind me of any of the big events that happened this year either related to the dc or your own website or game then give me a dc-mail and let me know and i'll try and put it all in there. Other then that , the admins have been doing a great job in keeping the dc updated and a special mention to Circy for organizing this years dc christmas compo. For me i have been busy with work and the little one but i'm having a great time doing so, and that's what counts:)

In advance folks have a merry christmas and a super fantastic new year and if i might ask what is everyone else wanting/getting for christmas? The new mario Kart game is high on my list!:)

Posted by Faithtoken 9th December, 2005

Cool its on my list too ;D as is the game Meteos...
Posted by Radix 9th December, 2005

zomg Rikus there's something on thy keyboards.
Posted by 9th December, 2005

weepee! soon we'll see what happened this year...
Posted by AndyUK 9th December, 2005

Nothing game related probably. I just bought myself an early christmas present from Ebay. An Nintendo 64 with perfect dark and an expansion pak.
Now i just need a few more controllers.
Posted by axel 9th December, 2005

What happened this year?

I joined TDC!!
Posted by Klikmaster 9th December, 2005

Haha oh Rikus, you're so funny
Posted by Peblo 9th December, 2005

Pff, I joined 2002, and it doesn't say anything about that. As for christmas, some cheese.
Posted by Ski 9th December, 2005

I cant wait for animal crossing wildworld and King kong the game for ps2!
Posted by c-jayf 9th December, 2005

I wants me a P.C.
Posted by The Chris Street 9th December, 2005

Things that happened this year:

My site got updated and redesigned a billion times.
Super Stun N Run
Bernard and Hank
Wandering Fighter
Crystal Towers
Click Convention 2005: MMF2 Betas got handed out.
Freeware Top 40 returned after a lengthy absence.
Your girl was born
New look Klik Academy had it's 1-Year anniversary in September.
Assault Andy became an admin (I think) this year.
Posted by Rhys D 9th December, 2005

Registered: 1/2/2002
Posted by CYS 9th December, 2005

i don't celebrate christmas... ;_;
Posted by DaVince 10th December, 2005

Yeah, why not type in a message totally unrelated to this news post?

I'm asking nothing for christmas because I know the things I want are harder to get. I always get good stuff, anyway.
Posted by X_Sheep 10th December, 2005

Yeh, the Daily Click Game should definitely be in it.
Posted by Matt Boothman 11th December, 2005

Posted by -Vinny- 12th December, 2005

lol, so anyways. the only thing i want this christmas is a girl that i've had me eyes on for a while now. if we can get together then i wouldn't care about anything else
Posted by MasterM 13th December, 2005

@Sensation: Actually it's a boy. You should look better the next time j/k
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 13th December, 2005

That baby be growin' up!
Posted by gizmo 15th December, 2005

*cough* iPublish 2 *cough* was a good way to kick off 2005.

But i dont expect you have forgotten that


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