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Competition Over!
News posted 29th December, 2005 by The Chris Street  

The deadline has now passed! I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has entered The Daily Click Christmas Competition 2005. In total, 23 people have taken part, making this by far the most popular competition that the Daily Click has ever run.

A list will shortly be given to the administrators judging this competition, and they will take the trouble to download and judge every single game. Once that is done, the entries will be compiled and uploaded to a place - probably somewhere unreliable, such as Sitesled - and the results will be published in due course. This may take up to, if not more, than a month. It's a long time, but as mentioned, there have been so many entrants.

Please do not be impatient regarding the release of the results of this competition. Judging so many entries will take time, but we will do our best to get the results up as soon as humanly possible.

NOTE: Please do not delete the download on your host, or change the location of the URL.

Posted by DaVince 29th December, 2005

Sitesled was down just a minute ago, but it's back up now. Phew.

Wow, 22 entries? I believe it though, with MMF2 as a prize.
Posted by Silveraura 29th December, 2005

So when are the results comming out.
Posted by Daymian T 29th December, 2005

The Site was down! I'm setting now! I'm gonna cry if I too late after all this work!
Posted by Daymian T 29th December, 2005

What did I just say? I didn't mean to post that post. Sorry. What I ment to say is I'm sending now...I hope I'm not too late.
Posted by Flava 29th December, 2005

Meh I've not had chance to finish mine with Christmas and new year and everything.. Ah well..
Posted by en kerro 29th December, 2005

I'm in. But newest nersion of my entry is not. Argh!
Posted by The Chris Street 29th December, 2005

Daymian, sorry to say it, but you haven't made it. I haven't recieved anything yet.
Posted by Flava 29th December, 2005

Who, if anyone, will be running competitions from now on?
Posted by Johan Hargne (Wartagon) 29th December, 2005

Posted by Daymian T 29th December, 2005

Aaahh bummer dude. I should have sent it sooner. My fault. My game is super fantastic to! Oh well. I'll submit it for game of the week or something in the future. good luck to everyone who entered.
Posted by en kerro 29th December, 2005

thanks.. Maybe next time, daymian.. At least i won't win that prize...
Posted by Silveraura 29th December, 2005

I think that because this is a hands on compo & that we have complete contact with the person running it, its only fair that if something goes wrong with sending the game, they are given a chance to fix it. Daymian hasnt complained or anything, but the fact is, he should be allowed to submit his game, & the fact that your on enough to keep us up to date about the compo, shows me that your on enough to take in an entry that had difficulty being sent. Its not like this is some huge competition with millions of people entering, & the deadline is the 100% cutoff. We are all friends here, and we should cut each other some slack. I understand that you already added some time, & that was very nice of you, but being that all of us are so close in contact, should allow him to have the chance to send it a little late, because he had trouble. Not right all his work should go to waste.
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 29th December, 2005


It looks like I'd better get my report writing out of the way so that I can get these downloaded on broadband when I'm back at the flat...
Posted by Bibin 29th December, 2005

I would run a competition, but...

Posted by Assault Andy 29th December, 2005

Crap, This is going to take ages to judge .
Posted by Bibin 29th December, 2005

hold on, since the competition is over, can I submit my game to the public?
Posted by Silveraura 29th December, 2005

If you submitted it to the competition, then no. Its not over, the deadline was just passed. The judges still need to judge the games. After that, you can submit it, though they will prolly already do it if your game gets marked 1st-3nd place
Posted by scaneider 29th December, 2005

Well, you should at least send a confirmation message to who has participate, to confirm to them that you have receive their entry. I dunno if you really didn't receive mine or not, coz the pm you send to me sound like you're just kidding.
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 29th December, 2005

Daymien T's game looked pretty sweet. Bummer it couldn't get in.
Posted by The Chris Street 30th December, 2005

Well there were two deadlines Brandon, Daymian could have easily sent his game in earlier. There's no point in having a deadline if you're going to allow people to send their stuff afterwards.

Besides, I waited a good half hour afterwards just in case Daymians game arrived, but it never did.

I'll send everyone a confirmation email.
Posted by Daymian T 31st December, 2005

Your totally right Cicry. The real deadline was Chrismas eve. I didn't submit it then when I should have. I appreciate that you waited an extra half hour for my entry after the new deadline, but you said "Daymian, sorry to say it, but you haven't made it. I haven't recieved anything yet." So I was disapointed and decided not to enter my game. And me entering now would only make others who entered on time mad. I'm just happy that I was able to make such a cool and complete project in such a short time. The fact that I might win Fusion 2 was major push to make something extra cool, but was really just gravy. I'll send my game for the game of the week so everyone can check it out. Keep the contests comming! Ignore the negitive people and think of all the cool games that come out with a contest as incentive.
Posted by Silveraura 31st December, 2005

Well the half an hour afterwords chance was what I was talking about Circy, but I see you had that covered anyway. So yeah, being that we were all closely related over the internet (all friends & such) we could allow a few minutes afterwords, expecially if the person had trouble getting it in, but now I see you did that, and if you still didnt get it. You tried & thats all we can ask. I didnt mean to stirr anything up here, I just wanted to make sure everyone got a fair chance, & I'm glad it didnt get to stirred up. You answered me, & no one made a big deal about it. Our little "conflicts" (even though I start every one of them) should be more like that.
Posted by The Chris Street 31st December, 2005

Hey thats cool, you were only giving your opinion on what you felt was the right thing to do. Peace
Posted by Zapper 31st December, 2005

Wow 23, way to go!

If you release the games with the results of the competition, you won't include the .cca files, will you?
Posted by The Chris Street 1st January, 2006

We won't release the sources files.
Posted by DaVince 5th January, 2006

Just as he won't release the files sources...


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