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GOTW #168 - Captain Of The Guard
News posted 21st January, 2006 by The Chris Street  
The rather unknown Del Duio wins his first GOTW award at TDC, for his RPG Captain Of The Guard. Hopefully he won't be as unknown for much longer :) Radix came second in the poll for his shoot-em-up 2Elecsy.

Click here to download the GOTW

This weeks entrants - M.U.R.S. 2 (1.911), Mr Dood's Arena Challenge FIXED, Phazer Tazer, and Lyle In Cube Sector.

Yes, M.U.R.S 2 is an old game, but it has been greatly refined since its release two years ago; that's why I'm allowing it a GOTW chance.

Posted by axel 21st January, 2006

I am on the global intranet!
Posted by Peblo 21st January, 2006

Where is the Worst Game Ever? I was going to vote for that...
Posted by The Chris Street 22nd January, 2006

It had the worst description ever.
Posted by pixelscope 24th January, 2006

If I remember it correctly Murs2 never made it to the poll last time. Good thing the chances of it winning this time is fairly ENORMOUS...

Lyle is a great game!
Posted by Yai7 24th January, 2006

Make 3elcasy: Red Hawk's Big Mission!
So you can even make him take off for feul from time to time!
Posted by Radix 25th January, 2006

If I make another elacsy it'll probably be a proper shooter with levels. Still minimalist, though.

Circy, the 'e' is lowercase. And the other one is an 'a'.


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