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New MMORPG - Atu'los Online
News posted 7th February, 2006 by Assault Andy  
Atu'los Online hasn't been submitted to TDC, but the creator asked me to post it and it's making news at clickteam so I thought it should be posted here aswell. Atu'los Online is one of the few free MMORPGS made with a click product. It has taken 4 hard years of work, and it shows. It's only been around for a couple of days and already it's gaining lots of attention from MMORPG fans, please give it a try.

Click here to download the game.

Posted by Arneckian 7th February, 2006

What does MMORPG stand for? Dont laugh.
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 7th February, 2006

Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, or a permutation thereof.
Posted by Arneckian 7th February, 2006

Posted by contra 7th February, 2006

Hooray for GeoCities!
Sounds interesting though.
Posted by axel 7th February, 2006

That was awful

Bad looking 3D sprites (Well, not bad for 3D sprites, but they look crap in a 2D envoirment), library graphics, sounds and music, awful presentation. It had potential, but the whole game, and the site it was on, was just shouting out "NOOOB!". Sorry.
Posted by Jason Orme 7th February, 2006

This game is just plain bad.

Bad movement, bad graphics, bad gameplay.

All I can admire is that its online.

I take Flanville anyday.
Posted by axel 7th February, 2006

Why hasn't "I'm OK" been newspaged yet? It deserves it at least.
Posted by Silveraura 7th February, 2006

From the looks of it, most of the graphics in that game are lib graphics, but I havent played the entire thing yet. Those are just from screenshots.
Posted by Willy C 7th February, 2006

its fun that its online, but the gameplay gets kinda old. Why can't anyone make a good ol' fashioned DeathMatch or Capture the flag or something. Something without trolls and spells and stuff
Posted by Jason Orme 7th February, 2006

I agree Axel, "I'm OK" needs frontpage coverage.
Posted by Reno 7th February, 2006

Yes, "I'm OK" is fun and does deserve it. This MMORPG sucks and IS old. And this is compotition for My MMORPG that I am working on every day and night on

But you have to give them credit for trying....
Posted by danjo 8th February, 2006

the sprites used are from reiners tilesets for your info.
@ axel. id be taking a good look at your own work before screaming n00b.
Posted by axel 9th February, 2006

The fact that I am not a great artist doesn't make your stuff good.

And I think I kind of overreacted there. the game is quite decent when you well get into it, despite the library stuff.
Posted by Windybeard Games 10th February, 2006

Great game, kept me interested for a while, and i love killing the low lvls

Posted by Zimtower 10th February, 2006

It took four years to make with a click product? lol, yea right, i can make a better one with c++ and directx in that amount of time. MMORPGs made with click products are rarely going to make money. The best engine for a MUD game would be a tile system.

Posted by Tiles 10th February, 2006

Ah, interesting. Whereīs the link to yours? Because when itīs this easy you surely have made a few dozen. And when C++ is really this fast to develop with i wonder why the professionals needs several specialized programmers for such kind of games then ...

I hate this "i could do it much better" statements. Comes mostly from people that havenīt ever finished anything.
Posted by BeamSplashX 10th February, 2006

You tell 'em Prokein!
Posted by Reno 10th February, 2006

On and off on 2 days? You wouldn't know what I am doing during my time. I can do something called 'multitask' and talk to phizzy and work on my game at the same time.

Oh and making a MMORPG is hard work and does take time. C++ is much more complex and isn't easy, you are better off making one in click and selling that.

(you can make muney off a click product, an average gamer that isn't a clicker wouldn't care if the game was written in c++ or in MMF)
Posted by Zimtower 11th February, 2006

Reedyou can make muney off a click product, an average gamer that isn't a clicker wouldn't care if the game was written in c++ or in MMF)

Actually it does matter, there is some extent what you can do with click product in the businuss world, MMORPGs are better off made with c++ and the client only being a tunnel into the game world and all the maps and other stuff stored onto the server. If you were to make a MMORPG with thousands of users with MMF it wouldnt be able to hold it and a programmer team for MMF would be hard to get, C++ programmers are just easier to find.
Posted by Zimtower 11th February, 2006

Tiles, you know what i hate? i hate people that still use clickteam products to make games, not much of a career, almost all jobs that have to do with creating games require the knowledge of c++. Also, i think making MMORPGs is easier in c++ and you cant do much with MMF that directx and c++ can.
Posted by Tiles 11th February, 2006

I still miss the links to your dozen of your mmorpgīs you made to show your experience. Else i have to think you donīt have any clue what you are talking about

Itīs not a question whatīs better. C++ is in fact better than MMF when it comes to features. But it is ways worse when it comes to effort and development speed. So itīs a question with which tool you can create your stuff. A pixel doesnīt care if it is moved by a C++ code or a MMF code. Itīs just ways faster to click the code in MMF than typing a whole story in C++ code to achieve the same.

I know what i am talking about. I once tinkered around with Blitz Basic to create my RPG Arunderan. And switchted back to MMF then. Because even the graphics handling would have made me mad with my around 30000 single pictures i used in this game. And Blitz Basic is in fact easier than C++

Talking about the professional route: sure, there C++ is the choice. BUT you have to specialize yourself. Which means you need a team. NO way to create a MMORPG with just one person. And thatīs whatīs possible with MMF.
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 4th March, 2006

Well said Tiles
Posted by Hempuli 5th March, 2006

Great Tiles!


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