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New Donation! and other neato stuff!!
News posted 16th February, 2006 by Rikus  
Hi there folks! Sorry for the long absence there, life is keeping me busy but all worth it. Also i was not able to login for a while. Anyway first i wanted to give a big 2 thumbs up to admin David (Wong), for keeping the front updated. Leave him a cool comment if you have a sec i think his recent effords should get some notice, keep up the great work there David! And of cource give ol' Circ a hand to for keeping up with the gotw i know how time consuming it can be. He will be taking a break from the gotw for a bit but and Shab proudly stepped in to take it over for a while there. Good luck Shab we know you will rock it!

In other news and not related to David's news post below but we received a Donation back in january and i just wanted to thank Christopher Telford for making a new donation. Thanks man! Keep them coming folks. Some other titbits: For the timeline i'm still planning on updating that, also i got a new computer last month (now i can finally play Quake 4, yay), Also Julia said her first word ("bah bah" meaning bottle, we call her bottle that) and i turned 26 this past january. Crazy, indeed, see ya around the dc folks!!

Posted by Muffin Batel [neonair games] 16th February, 2006

woo, thanks christopher

welcome back rikus
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 16th February, 2006

Hooray for me. It's just coincidence that on the week that I resolved to keep the front page updated, people suddenly started submitting decent downloads. And having the FTP for uploads makes things thousands of times easier.

Shab's said he'll do the GOTW for a while in the Admins forum, so he should be starting in two days.

Welcome back, Rikus.
Posted by MasterM 16th February, 2006

"Also Julia said her first word ("bah bah" meaning bottle..."

That's a little bit too early for turning into an alcoholic if you want my opinion.
Posted by X_Sheep 16th February, 2006

The Noel thingy worked!
Posted by ben mercer 16th February, 2006

Well done wong, ive never seen so many games hit the front page at a time
Posted by Klikmaster 16th February, 2006

Great job Wong! Shab as gotw man? Am I wrong or did he mess it up last time?
Posted by DaVince 17th February, 2006

Practice beards art. (It's this weird saying in my country )

Well, this is a good news post. Yay!
Posted by Reno 17th February, 2006

We have been needing these downloads too! As soon as I will get money transfered into my paypal, (I could do it now, but I am lazy) I promise to make a TDC donation. TDC deserves it


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