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TDC Christmas Competition 2005 Results
News posted 6th March, 2006 by The Chris Street  
Twenty three entrants. Two disqualifications. Plenty of platformers and plenty of talent. Thanks to all those who took part in the competition; we apologise for the length of time it took to judge, but we've finally finished! (hurrah!)

To see who won...


Posted by Zapper 6th March, 2006

Yey, I came 5th! I'm well happy! Congratulations to CYS! Thanks for judging it ADMINS! Was my coding really that messy?!
Posted by The Chris Street 6th March, 2006

Hell yeah
Posted by Joe.H 6th March, 2006


Good job with the judging, congrats to CYS for winning (hasn't he won a competition before? or am I jsut imagining things...)
Posted by Pete Nattress 6th March, 2006

Well done to the winners and to Circy who organised the whole thing; rather him than me! (after that year I did it... sheesh)
Posted by Bibin 6th March, 2006


I didn't win.

I didn't expect it though. Good job CYS anyway.

Can the next comp be a platformer comp?
Posted by The Chris Street 6th March, 2006

Er... you could have made a platformer you know
Posted by Ski 6th March, 2006

hmmm. I totally think Snerlins game OR Little santa Adventure should have come first.
Posted by Dustin Gunn 6th March, 2006

Wow 11th place, hard work and determination really does pay off!
Posted by Dustin Gunn 7th March, 2006

Christmassyness seems like an extremely dodgy judgement system. I mean aside from plot, weapons, setting, storyline, antagonist, protagonist, enemies, music and color scheme my game had NOTHING to do with Christmas! You rode a reindeer for Christ's sake (Literally)
Posted by Reno 7th March, 2006

I didn't win. I knew I wasn't going to. This game did not survive through 4 computer crashes (3 BSoD and 1 fatal chrash) In the beginning, I should have went with the santa snowbourding!

oh well I didn't give it my best so I didn't win the best
Posted by Ski 7th March, 2006

yeah well apparently you stole phizzys sprites, which phizzy has proven to be true to me.
Posted by hishnak 7th March, 2006

3rd place, not too shabby...Anyways, thanks to all the judges for doing that. I can see why it took so long.
Posted by Derek_Reaves 7th March, 2006

"Christmassyness seems like an extremely dodgy judgement system. I mean aside from plot, weapons, setting, storyline, antagonist, protagonist, enemies, music and color scheme my game had NOTHING to do with Christmas! You rode a reindeer for Christ's sake (Literally)"

A retard wins, another retard cries.

weeee D:

Posted by Dustin Gunn 7th March, 2006

CYS isn't retarded he's foreign
Posted by Ski 7th March, 2006

Although I dont mix well with Radix, I dont really understand how Andi gave him 5 out of 30 for chistmasness when its like COMPLETELY christmassy?
Posted by stevenb 7th March, 2006

i have a feeling that andi is jewish as he doesnt know christmasness is
Posted by Ski 7th March, 2006


WOW... Ben Mercer where ever you are, your game is ossum! I love it! wow!
Posted by Derek_Reaves 7th March, 2006

" CYS isn't retarded he's foreign "

I don't make fun of people for making simple typos or errors. .hell If I know where they're from . . .thats just unfair .

The reason I said that is that . . .elf bros isn't that great so therefore any game below it must not be terribly great themselves. . .

Feel free to bitch at me if thats your cup of tea. My standards for quality are much higher than the communities obviously, and I don't think a game like that should have won first place. Just my opinion.
Posted by stevenb 7th March, 2006

i have a feeling that andi is jewish as he doesnt know WHAT christmasyness is.

looks like some quality graphics on the top games though,ill be interested in that
Posted by Derek_Reaves 7th March, 2006

elf brothers gfx suck, though some of the other games have pretty decent gfx. Why are you worried about the graphics anyway?
Posted by Dustin Gunn 7th March, 2006

"Feel free to bitch at me if thats your cup of tea."

That's nice, but you're the one calling people retarded. If you want to be elitist and put down TDC I'm fine with that, I'm not a fan, but you're breaking the elitist code of honor by acting immature.

I agree it wasn't that great, it was a shoddy Dragonwarrior clone with poor sound. The battle engine was nice and it was good for the time alotted. I think you should try the other games though; of the 2 I tried the 2nd one is definitely an improvement besides being a direct copy of megaman.
Posted by Derek_Reaves 7th March, 2006

Is that supposed to phase me? It's not immaturity, it's called an opinion. I have mine and you have yours.
Posted by Dustin Gunn 7th March, 2006

I don't even know what you're talking about anymore. Perhaps I'm being too charitable in assuming you're capable of having a discussion without resorting to schoolyard blah blah blah...

Continuing on:

Santa Fanta would have made a great flash ad... Good graphics and animation.

Barfer Sickmess... I don't know why I'm santa and I'm in his sled shooting laser beams at hostile crackers while collecting beer to then regurgitate on evil christmas trees, and frankly I'm scared.
Posted by scaneider 7th March, 2006

Stop the arguement please, and don't call people retard, show some respect.
Posted by Dustin Gunn 7th March, 2006

Hayo's game: Extremely clean graphics, nice parallax shine on the floor, but somewhat uninspired. Pretty good.

Santasm: Probably the most unique game so far. Though it's obviously rushed it has heart. The customisation feature is nice but there's not enough money and tooltips on the toy parts would be nice. Not very pleasant having to start over again after dying but more money would also fix that.
Posted by Muffin Batel [neonair games] 7th March, 2006

dang, a 1 point difference from first to 2nd, thats pretty harsh

good job everyone, real high quality games
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 7th March, 2006

Congrats, all.

Circy, where's my copy of MMF2? I remember you posting on the Christmas Compo page: "And, in the jolly spirit of Christmas, I send forth copies of MMF2 to all the DCers around the globe! I bought them with my own monies, and I am now homeless! Ho ho ho!"

Lying Hobo's get there come-uppins'. You watch.
Posted by Peblo 7th March, 2006

Yay, games to play.
Posted by Assault Andy 7th March, 2006

Thanks to everyone who entered, and congratulations to the winnders, man it was close!
Posted by CYS 7th March, 2006

I'm Singaporean by the way. And yeh, i also won the christmas compo somewhere in 2002...or is it 2001...well, i forgot! Never mind, i really thanks the judges for taking the time to judge my game.

And eh...did i suck up to the judges?
Posted by UF Comtec 7th March, 2006

I love that Powerpuff Girls ingame-joke in the storyline CYS
Posted by 7th March, 2006

how can i see my score?
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 7th March, 2006

The "More info HERE!" link.

It does seem that Andi was a bit stingy with his scoring, but conversely it seems I was the most generous.
Posted by 7th March, 2006

ah... now i see...
Posted by CYS 7th March, 2006

Without Wong, i won't win .
Posted by David Evans 7th March, 2006

Er, the X-mess game doesn't doesn't download properly
Posted by Radix 7th March, 2006

Grats, CYS.

I agree with Dustin on the christmassyness thingy. The theme as a requirement would have been enough.
Posted by DaVince 7th March, 2006

Congrats, CYS, and congrats, 2nd and 3rd placers. Shame on you, disqualified people.
Posted by AndyUK 7th March, 2006

There's too many to play them all,

i tried to get the gameboy looking one but the zip was an invalid archive...
Posted by Hayo 7th March, 2006

This must have been the most succesful DC compo so far. Congrats CYS!
Posted by axel 7th March, 2006

lol 42nd comment!
Posted by Hayo 7th March, 2006

Congrats Axel!
Posted by DaVince 7th March, 2006

@AndyUK: Sure you can play them all. The judges did it... It just takes some time before you played through them all, except if you take a 3 sec peek for every game.
Posted by Zapper 7th March, 2006

I've finished playing through the games at about 5 mins per game now, I played them in reverse order so that they got better and better! All the top ones were really good.
Posted by Fifth 7th March, 2006

Wow, there were some really excellent entries here!
Congrats to the winners, all the entrants, Circy, the judges, and everybody else who made this competition such a success!

Posted by MasterM 7th March, 2006

Two disqualifications?
Posted by Dustin Gunn 7th March, 2006

They were on steroids....

And yeah the gameboy one doesn't work.
Posted by scaneider 8th March, 2006

Ahhhhhhhh!!! How come the graphics in Elf brothers can get 16-18 points? Andi's judge was more fairness.

Oh well.
Posted by CYS 8th March, 2006

Thanks guys!

Yeh, the graphics aren't that great...but hey, i hardly have time for it. The battle system itself takes me whole lotta time to do.
Posted by scaneider 8th March, 2006

Hardly have time for it, that's a lame excuse.
I'm was busy too, and i only have 13 days to make it, that's less than half the given time ya know.
Posted by Andi Smith 8th March, 2006

Dustin - I'm sorry if you feel hard done by by the score I awarded your game. It's very difficult to review and rate 23 games and stay consistent with scoring. But I tried my hardest and tried to stay fair. Sorry if you're not happy with the score I gave.. I expect there are others that are unhappy with the scores some of the judges gave their games too.. but you just have to see that with 5 people judging scores will get rounded out and the best game should win.

I enjoyed playing your game and I think your hard work did pay off in making something special.

It was a tough competition to judge - there were more entries than expected and a lot of them were of a very high professional quality - including yours.
Posted by ben mercer 8th March, 2006

When i first started my game i thought to myself that this competition would almost certainly be dominated by platformers and rpgs. So you tell me, why did i make a "pure destruction simulator"?

Hehe hishnak, what is WITH that storyline! Growing crops on top of a mountain? in the middle of winter?! And that kids mother is a bit of a sadistic cow isn't she! "Santa can't get through this weather, no presents this year"; who would say that to a kid

Not that i'm flaming your work, i just thought it was pretty funny

Posted by Blueberry_pie 8th March, 2006

10th place... ah well.
To the people wanting to play my game (X-Mess): it's not my fault
I suppose the admins did something wrong with the link.

Try this one instead, hosted on my own site:
Posted by AndyUK 9th March, 2006


hey thats pretty good.
Posted by CYS 9th March, 2006

Yeh...i guess you're right...

I'm a really slow worker. Spent like at least 5 hours per day for a period of 3 weeks on that game.
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 9th March, 2006

Congrats CYS, your game's pretty good. The only other game I've tried so far was Robotic Santa. It's actually quite fun when you get to blow up everything as a Santa robot.

I had to rush my game in 2 weeks since English class was evil and wouldn't let me work on it until school was out.
Posted by scaneider 9th March, 2006

No hard feeling dude, i'm not really serious about that comment ya know, notice that ""?
Posted by Daymian T 10th March, 2006

Well done to everyone who entered. Sadly I didn't get my game in on time (long sad story). I'll post a link here so people can have a look at what I made. I wouldn't have won, but I did make a very cool game in under a month. That's good enough for me. Thanks for hosting such a cool contest. Host another soon! It seems to bring out the best in the community.
Posted by CYS 11th March, 2006

Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 11th March, 2006

ecks dee!!!
Posted by ben mercer 11th March, 2006

mmm Certainly was great fun making robotic santa killing spree.

Can i ask what the people who've played my game thought of it?
Posted by Zapper 11th March, 2006

I liked your game, the graphics on the robot santa look great! It was fun lazering and blasting those little cars!
Posted by Unknown 11th March, 2006

Congratulation, CYS. Your RPG game was awesome and hilarous! But I kinda like Snerlin's game better.
Posted by ben mercer 12th March, 2006

cheers zapper, I thought yours was fun too. I kinda sucked at it though

Anyone played "wings of wor"/"Gynoug" on the old sega genesis? Barfer sickmess reminded me of that.
Posted by Zapper 12th March, 2006

Hmm, ive never played that! I think I might have to look around for that to give it a go!


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