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Daily Click Turn 5!!
News posted 12th March, 2006 by Rikus  
I just noticed that we missed our birthday again! Lol. We reached it folks, on March 6th the Daily Click turned 5 years old. Woohooo! Because of this i knew it would be a good time to finally update the TimeLine! Yes indeed 2005 has been updated. So grab a nice chair, get a drink and lets look back on what has happened over the past year. Congrats to everyone!! Because of you all we are still here today, including my hats off to the Admins and a big thank you to our very own coding magic maker ClubSoft! Congrats!! 2006 is going to be a very exciting year for everyone in the community.. MMF 2 here we come!

Click here to read the Click TimeLine. (Ps. you can only have access to the new 2005 page from this link it wont yet work from the menu bar here)

Posted by Klikmaster 12th March, 2006

Hehe nice pic of your baby
Posted by Radix 12th March, 2006

I enjoyed reading New Page 2.
Posted by Assault Andy 12th March, 2006

Happy Birthday! *Blows Whistle*
Posted by alastair john jack 12th March, 2006

yay, but its already december and mmf2 hasn't come out?
Posted by Rikus 12th March, 2006

Posted by axel 12th March, 2006

Posted by CYS 12th March, 2006

Wow i got myself in there! But's CYS...not CYC...
Posted by Hayo 12th March, 2006

Congratulations TDC! Man, seeing that pic makes me feel so old..
Posted by Pete Nattress 12th March, 2006

Me too, Hayo...

Good work Rikus!
Posted by Blackgaze 12th March, 2006

good work (i'm back?). Lol, no Spiderhead in the timeline? Damn...
Posted by hishnak 12th March, 2006

I'm famous! I made it on the timeline!
Posted by Flava 12th March, 2006

Wooza me too!
Think we should do some work on TDC game
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 12th March, 2006

Happy Creationday!
Posted by Bibin 12th March, 2006

When do we get that cool skin thingy?
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 12th March, 2006

Happy Birthday, TDC.
Posted by Rikus 13th March, 2006

Hey BlackGaze i added Spiderhead to the page with a pic And Cys i corrected your nick there.

Posted by DaVince 13th March, 2006

It's December 3rd already! We missed it alright.

Posted by MasterM 21st March, 2006

hehe wow i just read that article
oh man i cant believe its 5 years already
i am wondering who has been here from the start
i am amazed its 5 years because i am here for about 5 years


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