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Image Uploader Returns and another cool Donation!
News posted 12th March, 2006 by Rikus  
Well we got some more cool news for you today folks. First off Flava has re-reated a new feature that you are going to love. Its the return of the image uploader! With this you can upload your screenshots for use on the site. So no more free-image uploaders that uses a million annoying banners. Its fast quick and it rocks. My hat goes off to flave, great job man! And if that was not enough he also gave us a very generous donation. Way to go Flava!

In other news i spoke to club and he is aware of the strange dates around the site, this is because we are on the backup server, hwoever it should return back to normal when we move back, hopefully tomorrow.

Click here to go to the Image Uploader. This link will be added on to the download page when you submit your game.

Posted by Klikmaster 12th March, 2006

Good job Flava
Will be good to see the back of the backup server
Posted by Teapot 13th March, 2006

My sentimonies exultly.
Posted by DaVince 13th March, 2006

"The DC image uploader will be back soon - we are currently experiencing some problems with the script. Please bare with us!"
Ha. Ha. Ha.
Posted by Muz 14th March, 2006

I thought TDC had enough problems with bandwidth... this would really hurt. But then again, TDC already hosts pictures, so I guess it saves some of us some trouble .
Posted by Flava 14th March, 2006

The uploader isn't even hosted on TDC
The uploader is down DaVince because the clickisland server doesn't allow file uploads like the Ectoprod server did - and I don't have the permissions to edit the settings and I don't think Rikus knows how

And I cannot move back to ectoprods because it has hotlink protection.
Posted by Flava 15th March, 2006

Script fixed - works now


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