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New Game: Silent Night: Festive Espionage Action
News posted 12th March, 2006 by Rikus  

While its still snowing here in Canada (and its March, go figure) The always great Dustin Gunn has uploaded a new game by the name of: Silent Night: Festive Espionage Action. Its a action/platformer where you have to find your way out of the dark side of the north pole. Be sure to review this game if you have a second, its worth it.

Comments from the author: You are Stelf. You have been shunned by your people (The elf people) of the northpole, after a seige of toy soldiers on the toy factory. You single-handedly defended the area, but at the cost of most everything else. Once the elves saw what you were capable of, they banashed you into the wastelands never to set foot on north-pole territory again! Now you must run, jump, duck, sidle, swing, sneak, toss, stab, slice, float, zipline and ride your way to the truth, to uncover the mysterious kidnapper's identity and retrieve Jolly Ol' Saint Nick!

Click here to download the game and read its reviews.

Posted by KevinHaag 13th March, 2006

Are you from Canada Rikus? Is it possible? Another Canadian klikker from this site... or am I just hallucinating?
Posted by Rikus 13th March, 2006

Actually I moved here 3 years ago now. Right here in Alberta
Posted by Daymian T 13th March, 2006

Wow! I'm from Alberta to! (Edmonton) And we both released a Christmas Game the same week! How about that huh! Canadian Clickers Rule!
Posted by KevinHaag 14th March, 2006

Muhahaha! I'm a BC boy

Posted by Rikus 14th March, 2006

We should have a canadian click convention at this rate, hehehe


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