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Hey, another compo away!
News posted 12th March, 2006 by Knudde (Shab)  
Well it seems that the talk of a new compo in the forums has actually done something. Vortex of Klik Academy has decided to host a compo with a theme near and dear to my heart. It's Klik N' Play time baby. If this sounds intersting to you, click on that pretty blue link up there and read more about it on the KA homepage.

Posted by Klikmaster 12th March, 2006

Posted by Peblo 12th March, 2006

Posted by Reno 13th March, 2006

Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 13th March, 2006

I came up with Nuns and Guns last time I did a KNP Compo. O_o

I don't know if I should enter this time.
Posted by Bibin 13th March, 2006

I'm entering; I'm starting it now.
Posted by Dustin Gunn 13th March, 2006

Oh man I hate KNP so much...
Posted by Unknown 13th March, 2006

Maybe I might enter this one...
Posted by Unknown 13th March, 2006

Wait... nevermind...
Posted by AndyUK 13th March, 2006

i'm dissapointed. I didn't want a compo like this.
Posted by axel 13th March, 2006

Posted by Hayo 13th March, 2006

KnP for schools rocks, I am actually gonna use it for teaching next year.
Posted by Matt Boothman 13th March, 2006

Me neither Andy - but what can you do?

Is it just me or should admins consult each other before doing stuff?
Posted by Hayo 13th March, 2006

I already gave up on that one.
Posted by vortex2 16th March, 2006

I figured I would probally be the only one judging so I also figured that becuase of this fact that I should be able to pick when the competion is taking place. Also you weren't online and I wanted to get the ball rolling. Additionally everyone pretty much agreed to the competion on the KA admin boards anyways.


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