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New Avatar Compo!
News posted 21st March, 2006 by Rikus  

It's time for a brand new compo. Let's give it up for the "Avatar Compo"! I have been noticing that some people have been pretty good and very original in creating their avatars for the site. Now it's time to see who has the most original avatar on the site. The compo starts today and will end this sunday.

The rules? There is only one... Your avatar must involve clicking in one way or another... from a click character that acts cool or weird to a click logo/site or a picture of a click game. The avatar can be animated or static. Does not mather if it's connected to clicking in one form or another, you're good to go, the most original and coolest avatar will win 2 DC Stars added to your profile. Also to enter the compo you must post a reply at the Avatar Compo topic below. Good luck folks, let's have some fun with this!

Click here to visit the Avatar Compo forum Topic.

Posted by DaVince 21st March, 2006

What a good idea!
I'll see if I can do something special with my box.
Posted by axel 21st March, 2006

Can I make one of those random avatars, that changed every time the page loads? Like the one I have now?
Posted by Bibin 21st March, 2006

I think that that would still count as seperate avatars; they are actually different avatars that randomly load. But yours really counts as one avatar, with different colors.
Posted by Heart Break Kid 21st March, 2006

wow ....... why they removed my post .. I was the first one to post on this topic!

and secondly , everybody Competition section is working?
Posted by Heart Break Kid 21st March, 2006

whoa! sorry its still there
Posted by axel 21st March, 2006

Ganze Ihre Stützpunkt sind gehören mich!
Posted by Keatontech! 21st March, 2006

I got mine back! It's all 3D and stuff and it has the logo of an awsome klik company. You can visit their site at ... anyway, I hope I win.
Posted by Muz 22nd March, 2006

2 DC stars? Methinks a custom rating would be cooler
Posted by DaVince 22nd March, 2006

My box. Now with MMF object!
Posted by Heart Break Kid 22nd March, 2006

DaVince [Black Wizards] "My box. Now with MMF object!"

very creative
Posted by DaVince 22nd March, 2006

I like putting stuff in my box. Last december, it had a Christmas hat in it.
Posted by DaVince 23rd March, 2006

Good idea.

*Works a bit more on his avatar*
Posted by DaVince 23rd March, 2006


There was only room for a lego, though.
Posted by Keatontech! 25th March, 2006

I got my FINAL avatar done. I can't wait for sunday.
Posted by Heart Break Kid 26th March, 2006

yuho!! i have an alternate avatar too!
Posted by Yai7 26th March, 2006

Dammit! Was too late! & I go metal!!!
Posted by Keatontech! 28th March, 2006

I want to see that I have won soon. HURRY UP!
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 30th March, 2006

Come on, my avatar is an animated 3D rendered pint of Guinness, what could possibly compare?!?


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