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New Game: Stray Sheep
News posted 29th March, 2006 by Rikus  

Here is a new game that should deserve some more attention. Stray Sheep created by Nudlez is a new platform game where you play a sheep, its his first attempt at a platformer and i have to say, not bad, not bad at all!. The graphics fit the game well and the game plays pretty good and most importantly is fun. The game is getting some good comments so why not give it a go

Comments from the author: Hi. This is my first platformer and I have dedicated it to one of my favorite characters; Stray Sheep. That means this is a fan-game related to the Village Center, Inc creation of Stray Sheep. They own and made the main character of this game, the pictures between the levels, the flower in the end of every level and the friend you suppose to find. Every other graphic however is made by me. I hope there is not to many bugs, but if you would find one or two, please tell me. Now, try to have fun.

Click here to download the game and read its reviews.

Posted by gustav 29th March, 2006

you just love all the games that looks and plays like a k&p game, don't you rikus?
Posted by DaVince 29th March, 2006

And/or there's not enough news so he just makes yet another front page entry.
Posted by Nudlez 29th March, 2006

Well, atleast I am glad. (I made the game) I am working on a new platformer right now that will involve ladders, doors, keys and bigger levels. It might take a few month before its done, but it will be a lot better then my first attempt I think.
Posted by BeamSplashX 29th March, 2006

Engines always have room for improvement, too. Though apparently In The Pit 3 had a perfect one... I almost feel old remembering something like that.

My only question is- can this game be called BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAdass? END LAME SHEEP JOKE
Posted by DaVince 1st April, 2006



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