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New Game: Sudoku
News posted 5th April, 2006 by Rikus  

This new puzzle game created by R_Max was not submitted to the DC, but I just wanted to give it some attention anyway because this is one heck of profesional puzzle game. And the graphics... High Quality Stuff for an MMF game. The game is being sold as shareware but the creators did do their best to give it a professional look and feel. Check the demo out on the link below.. .

Comments from the author: 123 Sudoku series is a family game proposing Sudoku grids on 3 levels of difficulty with several options to play and several possible backgrounds. The simple game propose easy grids, normal and difficult can be done in a limited or unlimited period of time, with an unlimited number of clics or limited, and in validating the grids an unlimited or limited number of time. The challenge proposes to play several Sudoku grids one after the other thus to obtain a maximum of points.

Click here to download the game.

Posted by Mruqe 5th April, 2006

Looks very professional indeed. Too bad I don't dig sudoku
Posted by JustinC 5th April, 2006

Not to diss the quality of the game or anything but honestly, who here would pay money for a game like this? In the days when you can buy a playstation 2 game for under 10 bucks I just don't see where the market is at for stuff like this. Can money really be made on click software?
Posted by Rhys D 5th April, 2006

games are made to be fun and entertaining. they dont have to be 3d and flashy from the PS2 to be enjoyable and warrant purchase.
Posted by DaVince 5th April, 2006

Looks sweet, but the download page says 'UNDER CONSTRUCTION'. They also might have used a more original concept, but ah well.
Posted by Assault Andy 5th April, 2006

Beautiful graphics and presentation, I hope they do well with it.
Posted by steve 5th April, 2006

Its only 20$ for the Launching price! Not bad
Posted by Radix 5th April, 2006

I don't understand why sudoku is at all popular.
Posted by axel 5th April, 2006

Sudoku sucks. Shareware sucks. Yay!
Posted by vortex2 5th April, 2006

The casual gaming market is actually growing...
Posted by RedHades 5th April, 2006

Somehow, clicking on this game's link on the main page makes me feel like I've been spamed by an add.

Sure you have to praise the pretty art. But this game isn't much of a big deal when you think about how much effort was put into game design and coding.

This looks like a game made for a quick buck. Aside for the artist's work, I don't see any passion put into making this game.

Not worth my 20$ for sure.
Posted by MasterM 5th April, 2006

the first time i have ever heard about sudoku was when i worked for a company did that cross word and sudoku magazines- the job sucked lol
Posted by Jason Orme 5th April, 2006

I wish them the best of luck.

Its about time somone actually tried to cash in on the MMF Pro License with somthing of such proffesional quality.
Posted by JustinC 6th April, 2006

I never said it had to be 3D, flashy, and for ps2. I was just citing an example. This is Sudoku, Made in click, for PC, for $20. I prefer snes and genesis games to current generation games for the most part and if classic style 2D games were coming out for the new systems in waves I would be buying them. I just don't see where the market is for this kind of thing. It just seems like something that would be in the software bargain bin at wal-mart for $1. Granted there might be some worthwhile stuff in there, but not for $20.
Posted by Kazuma 6th April, 2006

Just as you prefer SNES and Genesis games, there are people out there who prefer puzzle games on the computer.
Posted by BeamSplashX 6th April, 2006

...the puzzle books are cheaper, though.
Posted by 6th April, 2006

uh... didn't really like it.
i think my sudoku game is better:
* it's free
* not fullscreen, has a small window
* has 10 levels instead of 3
* game modes in sudoku are pointless
* i created it
but this game is nice, i'll stick to my game
Posted by Muz 7th April, 2006

I've seen one huge with most commercial games these days... people just think they're too complicated! Hence the popularity of simple games like sudoku. Sudoku has only a 5 min learning curve and unlimited gameplay.

But personally, since I have a more advanced brain than most people, I prefer to stick to uber-complicated games like Rome: Total War and um... the rest.
Posted by Jason Orme 7th April, 2006

You think Sudoku has a 5min learning curve?
And you think Rome Total War is complicated?

Thats worrying..

Posted by Assault Andy 7th April, 2006

I agree with Jason Orme there. Sudoku doesn't have a 5 minute learning curve, it's not _that_ hard to understand the concept but to be any good at it takes more that 5 minutes.
Posted by ben mercer 9th April, 2006

You don't need to be good at it, you just need to work out an algorithmic solution. Which took me a minute or so.

Its bad enough dry running code in computing without volunteering for yet more monotony by playing sudoku.

I dont like sudoku, but i do think this game is very well presented, and the designer has obviously thought about the target customer (ie. Kids!)
Posted by ben mercer 9th April, 2006

$20 though!! You must be kidding!

I'd sell this for a fiver.


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