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News posted 10th April, 2006 by Clubsoft  
There may be a short period where the main domain name ( will be inaccessable, this means that news images will not work during this time either. This is due to the hosting not being renewed in time, however I've just paid another years worth so it should be up again shortly. The site will hopefully be moving back onto its proper server tomorrow or later on in the week too, the site will be down for an hour or so during that time so I can get the database uploaded.
Thanks, Clubsoft

Posted by 11th April, 2006

Hope it will work soon
Posted by Spram 11th April, 2006

Where do you get the money to host this site?

I want to know because I like it.
Posted by Radix 11th April, 2006

Thanks, Clubsoft.
Posted by Assault Andy 11th April, 2006

Spram, TDC relies mostly on donations. If you want to donate, please feel free to do so with the Make A Donation button on the left.

Thanks for paying Clubby.
Posted by DaVince 11th April, 2006

Yay, another year's worth of TDC!

@Radix: I see you interpreted it the same ways as I did. Seems as if Clubby is thanking himself.
Wel, he should.
Posted by MJK 12th April, 2006

I wonder why doesn't Clickteam pay and provide this site continuously and fully. This community forms pretty much the most loyal and the most profitable customer base that they have. In other words, to these people it's the world's easiest thing to sell new products, say MMF2, which downsizes the total marketing effort required. That should provide a financial argument for them to more actively ensure that the community stays strong and as wide as possible.


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