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MMF 2 is coming soon & New Donation!!
News posted 17th June, 2006 by Rikus  

Yes folks, get your clicking fingers ready because MMF 2 is coming out really soon! This is what we know.. We first got msg's from people who where avised not to order MMF 1.5 anymore but to hold on.. always a good sign and now according to Jeff at the clickteam forums he states that and i quote "The CDs are almost at the USA office and then its ready to rock!" Rocking we will Jeff! This means that MMF 2 has been completed and is being printed!

It has also been confirmed that clickteam will be getting a brand new website when MMF 2 is released, this will include a new forum and some interactive elements for example you will be able to add your own website to the clickteam site. And if that's not enough AndyH has created with the permission of clickteam a list that highlights some of the new features available within MMF 2, its a great read and you can find it on the link below.. let me just say.. Yes we are finally getting our beloved official Pinball movement! More news as we get it but 2006 should be the year of MMF 2.. I can't wait!

And in other news we also got a great donation from Nastyman! A big group hug to him, every donation helps in keeping us going! Our Thanks goes out to ya!

Click here to go to Andi's MMF 2 feature List.

Posted by Keatontech! 17th June, 2006

Well, it's not as big of an upgrade as I'd hoped, but I still really want it. Alhough, one of the features I was really looking forwards to was MDI support, but that's only in the Developer version, which I am to poor to get
Posted by -Nick- 17th June, 2006

To be fair the only thing i see being of interest is the improved frame rate, and maybe the layers would make things easier by not having to worry about layering objects yourself. Not too sure about the rearranged picture/animation editor though, seemed fine how it was.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 17th June, 2006

*insert girlish sqeal of delight*
Posted by Teapot 17th June, 2006

Can't wait till the demo is available.
Posted by Zimtower 18th June, 2006

Im sticking to mmf 1.5, mooclick is what i want.
Posted by Assault Andy 18th June, 2006

Awesome! And thanks for the donation.
Posted by siiseli 18th June, 2006

omg thats so sexy OwO
Posted by Mruqe 18th June, 2006

The thing I was hoping for the most was build in, alterable detectors for objects. Not that it will matter anyway - I still can't afford MMF2. And something bothers me in this description: TGF2 = build in objects. What the hell does that mean? No extensions? Crap!

I'll stick to TGF1 for some more time and see what will the other users have to say.
Posted by axel 18th June, 2006

Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 18th June, 2006

It's looking fantastic - I did have reservations about the picture/animation editor, but to be fair, I don't think it can be any more appalling than the one in the original MMF.
Posted by Flava 18th June, 2006

I don't understand why some people don't think much has changed - there are tons of new useful features I think. Overall it looks like a huge improvement in every area of MMF - I don't care what the price is anymore, I'm still going to buy it
Posted by Jarzka 18th June, 2006

Wonderful, but how much could MMF2 cost?
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 18th June, 2006

yay! happy fun time!
Posted by MJK 18th June, 2006

Great news. This is a must-buy. The cost is meaningless.
Posted by Kazuma 18th June, 2006

Will Clickteam's website be completely redone?

As TDC's news article has said before, their layout is kinda... eh... :|
Posted by MasterM 18th June, 2006

thx for the donation, nastyman.

so there will be a new website?
it was about bloody time. but WHAT WILL HAPPEN to the old forums?
will all the files and all the knowledge get lost?
there are really helpful files on the CT forum.
Posted by Jarzka 18th June, 2006

I hope they will conserve the old forum messages and files (and make it "read only")
Posted by CYS 19th June, 2006

After almost 6 months of waiting, my prize for the christmas compo is finally coming...
Posted by Christodoulou Apps 19th June, 2006

Yay! I want MMF2 DEVELOPER but i want to know the price so i start collecting or ask for a sallary raise
Posted by LAJ 19th June, 2006

The posts in the old forum are going to be archived from what I've heard.
Posted by chrilley 19th June, 2006

Do I need to steal my fathers credit-card to order this?
Posted by vortex2 19th June, 2006

MMF 2 is a vast improvement over MMF 1.5. The built in alpha channels, rotations, resizing of actives at runtime, and alterable strings are great features.

The new picture editor/animation editor is very easy to use, and although it is different, I think it is better.

The debugger and properties are intresting features that make it much easier to edit the settings of objects and see how they are preforming at runtime.

The coolest sounding features are the possible ink effects and the movement SDK! We should see a whole host of new movements that make game creation easier then ever.

Also another reason [shamelessplug] Is to get all of the wonderful and amazing extensions that I have cooked up for soon after release . One extension that will be there is my Lua object which will add a whole new layer of power .[/shamelessplug]

I can say without a doubt that MMF 2 is a vast improvement over MMF 1.5, and I am sure as time goes on, MMF 2 will gain even more features through patches as users suggest ways to improve the products.
Posted by DaVince 19th June, 2006

Wooohooo! Those features are really kinda what I need! When I get the money, I'll be sure to buy the medium version!
Posted by Smeech 19th June, 2006

Yes!!! Finally!
Posted by Mruqe 19th June, 2006

Ok, I'll put it this way: I'll never be able to afford it. So I'll guess I'll keep pretending to be completly satisfied with TGF Pro. 256 objects limit... :sigh:
Posted by Jason Orme 20th June, 2006

I hope they make a easier saving method than the INI's. Still have problems with them after 9 years.

I was also hoeping for a 8 directional movement with jumping i.e beat em up style.

I'd also like to see MP3 support (without needing DMC or whatever its called).

I think we are looking around the 100 price mark, maybe 70 at the lowest.

Posted by Jarzka 20th June, 2006

Cost: "Close to the same as MMF 1.5 standard and Pro - just a squeak higher but I am sure there will be good discounts when it launches." "


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