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New Game: Bert and the lost painting
News posted 21st June, 2006 by Rikus  

Any dutch speaking folks in da house? If so then we got a interesting educational-game for you. Created by Hayo even if you don't realy speak dutch, have a looksy anyway you never know if you want to start and learn dutch!

Comments from the author: The game is about Bertje, a schoolboy who is on a schooltrip in a museum, when some paintings from Courbet, van Gogh and Kandinsky appear to be stolen. Bertje has to go back in time to get the paintings back from the painters. The painters will ask questions, and only when all questions in a level are answered right, you will get the painting. The students have to find the answers in the booklet that comes with the game.

Click here to download the game and read its reviews.

Posted by Rikus 21st June, 2006

Ps. for the folks who are following the World Cup.. the orange-dutch are so going to win it, its not even funny ...prepares for comments
Posted by DaVince 22nd June, 2006

Grappig, een NL programma... *Downloadt*

Oh, en voetbal kammenikschele.
Posted by Hayo 22nd June, 2006

Ja voetbal zuigt
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 22nd June, 2006

I can't say I care for it much either.
Posted by X_Sheep 22nd June, 2006

Gah! 0-0 against Argentina!
Posted by UF Comtec 22nd June, 2006

Dutch is the worst language ever. But I like your soccerteam, love those orange shirts.
Posted by Hayo 23rd June, 2006

You have the worst avatar ever
Posted by AndyUK 23rd June, 2006

They're the best footballing nation to never win the world cup. Maybe 2nd only to Spain
Posted by DaVince 24th June, 2006

Comtec person has an opinion. But your avatar sux indeed, Comtec.

I don't really like Dutch, but hey, it's my native language so I'm usd to it! And Phizzy thinks it's a funny language, that overrules all other opinions!


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