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New Engine: Another World / Out of this World (Test Engine)
News posted 6th July, 2006 by Rikus  

Since we hit a "silence before the storm" scenario because of the mmf 2 release, i wanted to point you to a new engine created by Strange Culture its very well done and worth the download! (ps. I wanted to edit this news item but instead i pressed the "del" button so arghhh now i had to re-type the whole thing over agian, lol whoops. That's why there are no old comments on this one.

Comments from the author: This is a project I’ve been working on for a month or so based on the classic game “Another World” & its lame ass sequel that no one has seemed to of ever played “Heart of the Alien” for the Sega Mega CD. I have attempted to recreate the animation’s and control style of the original game but tried not to do a straight out copy of it so I’ve added some of my own elements to game play. This is a quite early unchecked version of the game so there may be bugs in game play but it still shows the engine quite well.

Click here to download the engine and read its reviews.

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