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MMF2 Build #241
News posted 14th July, 2006 by Assault Andy  
Clickteam have released a new patch for TGF2, MMF2 and MMF2 Dev which includes many bugfixes that we have all been asking for. It should be noted that this new build will only work with the CD-rom versions of the programs.

Click here to download TGF2 Build #241

Click here to download MMF2 Build #241

Click here to download MMF2 Dev Build #241

Posted by DELETED!_by account owner 14th July, 2006

1st comment!
Posted by Silveraura 14th July, 2006

Most people already got their comments on the actual post made in the boards. Not a huge deal, anyway. I'll be buying MMF2 tonight, looking forward to all the wonderful updates I'm going to have to make once I get it. (Bonus Pack + Build 241)
Posted by Ski 15th July, 2006

The 3rd comment is usually made by a sexy person lol *mwah
Posted by Radix 15th July, 2006

What a strange turn of events that was then.
Posted by Silveraura 15th July, 2006

Ordered my copy of MMF2 about a half an hour ago, express.
Posted by Klikmaster 15th July, 2006

Ordered mine monday, got it friday
Then, the update came out on the same day
Posted by MasterM 15th July, 2006

i wish it would replace the lousy graphic editor mmf comes with
Posted by Assault Andy 15th July, 2006

They did, it's called MMF2.


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