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Reminder. Yet. Again.
News posted 20th July, 2006 by The Chris Street  
I can't believe I'm having to do this yet again, but it does seem as though some of you really aren't getting the message when it comes to submitting downloads. Because it's really hot today and I can't be bothered, I'm going to refer you to


I hope I don't have to post another rant any time soon.

Posted by The Chris Street 20th July, 2006

Yes, you're right...

Over to you, Clubsoft
Posted by Chrisbo 20th July, 2006

ahh..phizzy beat me to it
Posted by Ski 20th July, 2006

lol circy is starting to sound like an angry school teacher, reminding the kids about their lost property
Posted by Joe.H 20th July, 2006

Posted by 醤油の兵士 20th July, 2006

You call that a rant? I've seen rantier!
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 20th July, 2006

Believe me...there were several of these posts because people were too stupid to read the rules.
Posted by Chrisbo 20th July, 2006

I believe it. But as phizzy said...this stuff should be on the d/l page. We all know how newbs never read anything on sites they're not familiar with
Posted by Del Duio 20th July, 2006

You should mention the admins tendancy to mass ban when angered as well! Grrr!!
Posted by AndyUK 20th July, 2006

sometimes people join, submit one game and leave again. So you'd expect them to not know these rules. Despite common sense being part of it.
Posted by Bartman 21st July, 2006

OMB u shudda uploazd teh Super Arcadey Engine that plays craps all over that TNTM one in 5 secs! Rarararararargh!
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 21st July, 2006

I'll put together a list of guidelines and ask about adding them to the downloads page - I have quite a good set from a news post a while ago.
Posted by Hill Gigas 21st July, 2006

You act like you've posted about this before. Nah.

Come on Circy, I refuse to believe that there is anyone at the Daily Click who would submit anything other than a quality game with loads of screenies and pages of descriptive content. This is all in your head.
Posted by DaVince 22nd July, 2006

Nice sarcasm.

Anyway, even those warnings on the download submit page don't seem to wake people up, so I see no sense in trying to get more people to watch this. People are lazy and are gonna submit it anyway, whether there are screenshots and a good description or not.

Oh, maybe a page could be made right before the submit page which tells this, but ALSO tells what should be in the description (or can be added to it), and how one makes screenshots.


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