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New Preview: Shoplifter
News posted 24th May, 2002 by Rikus  

Jimbob is working on a very original game called Shoplifter and a demo should be out soon. Comments from the Author: Shoplifter is an RPG that basically has you stuck in a town with little or no money. You're aim is to get out of that town by earning enough money or completing a certain mission to achieve this. Click here to read the preview

Posted by Rhys D 25th May, 2002

I like the graphics :). This game is looking very promising.
Posted by natalie 27th May, 2002

yeah it looks really cool
Posted by natalie 27th May, 2002

wood there be any chance i can play it
Posted by Spug 27th May, 2002

Hmm, what happened here? A bug in the ASP coding that forgot to close the <b> and <i> ?


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