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New Game - Meteor Mayhem
News posted 24th July, 2006 by The Chris Street  
I'm so good to you guys, spending my birthday writing news posts when I'd much rather get wasted. Still, plenty of time for that tonight. In the meantime, completing my trifecta of news posts is a game created by Mike Gnade, called Meteor Mayhem. Another puzzler, which is a hybrid of three classics.

Comments from the Author:Meteor Mayhem is a hectic puzzle/action game. Gameplay consists of building gadgets to divert meteors and protect your cities. There are blocks that you can use to construct walls around cities, there are missile bays, ramps, cannons, etc. There are over 10 gadgets to master! Meteor Mayhem is sort of missile command meets the Incredible machine with an element of Tetris.

Click here to download this game and read its reviews.

Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 24th July, 2006

happy birthday, Circy! Can we have some of the cake?
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 24th July, 2006

Happy birthday! Check your email, if you have the capacity to use a computer at all after the evening.
Posted by Whippers With 24th July, 2006

Happy birthday!
Posted by 24th July, 2006

Happy birthday!


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