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New Articles: Making a great video game Part 1
News posted 26th July, 2006 by Rikus  

DC Member, highlyflammable has written a couple of very well written aricles on what makes a great video game. He already posted 4 parts, and they are a very good read. Can't wait for the next one actually.

Comments from the author:Geniuses like Shigeru Miyamoto seem to be few and far between as games are developed by people who can create massive 3D models that come out of the TV and dance in your living room Ė but fail to understand what makes a video game fun. I have broken this article into pieces for two reasons: One is that you donít have to read an extensive piece all in the one hit. The second is it gives you time to digest the information and appreciate it.

Click here to read the first part

Posted by Ski 26th July, 2006

I love that book imagery, Im currently pixelling an old fashioned book for my game, it inspires me lol
Posted by DaVince 27th July, 2006


Lots of text, I'll print it out to read in bed tomorrow.


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