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New Contest: V-Cade
News posted 8th August, 2006 by Rikus  

The V-Cade is presenting a brand new contest! The competition is about making the best game possible with a given set of sprites until 14th October. And what can you win you might ask? How does the MMF2 Dev. version sound to ya? For more information on the contest please visit V-Cade's website.

Click here to find the contest rules on the v-cade forums.

Posted by Rikus 11th August, 2006

Sorry guys, instead of making a new news item i copied over the one i did yesterday. ..mumble..mumble
Posted by axel 11th August, 2006

Posted by steve 11th August, 2006

Posted by Dustin Gunn 11th August, 2006

so we can make ugly versions of pacman and space invaders, all at once?
Posted by Robbert 11th August, 2006

I like this. I will compete I guess
Posted by defenestrator 11th August, 2006

That's a very limiting graphic set.
Posted by Ski 11th August, 2006

Yes, they suck.
Posted by Zapper 11th August, 2006

Thats what I thought, I like the idea of the competition thought, but its gonna be really tough to make a game out of those. The pacman monsters dont have any animations too! But I guess it'll be funny to see what people can come up with
Posted by Fifth 11th August, 2006

Limiting, yes, but the potential is there...

...Mmm, this could be fun...
Posted by -Vinny- 11th August, 2006

oh wow, just looking at the graphics set scares me when thinking about how limiting this actually is
Posted by axel 11th August, 2006

It's gonna be hard like hell to be original in this one.
Posted by Fifth 11th August, 2006

You just have to be original in very strange ways!
Posted by Random 12th August, 2006

Well that's the point of a challenge. To be challenging. Maybe I should write that down somewhere :/


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