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New Preview: Super Milber Kart
News posted 25th May, 2002 by Rikus  

Now this is something to get really excited about. Rhys Davies is working on a very spiffy Mario Kart clone called: Super Milber Kart using the new mode 7ex, extension. Comments from the Author: Super Milber Kart is a small game i'm working on. It uses the new Mode 7 Ex Extention from Cellosoft, and is proving to be a real challenge (programming wise) I'm sure i'll get through it and have this game finsihed though. So far all you can do is drive around the track, but i'm hoping to add a time trial race, coins to collect and eventually a tournament mode. Click here to read the preview

Posted by Burfelt 25th May, 2002

Finally someone who dares to try creating a mario kart clone with mode 7. I'm looking forward to this
Posted by Bart 25th May, 2002

That's cool.
Posted by The Chris Street 26th May, 2002

good luck to you man :)


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