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New Game: Mind's Eye
News posted 28th August, 2006 by Rikus  
Pinch me, someone pinch me! Yes! Its true! We have a brand new adventure game on the site! As you all know Adventures are the best genre in the whole world.. ever! Mind's eye has been created by Shane Stevens and has 2 things going for it "adventure" and mind dazzeling graphics that will blow your kettle into orbid! Man, go play and fall in love all over again!

Comments from the author: Your name is Noah, at least that's what you are told. Awakening in a strange sanitarium and bereft of your memories, it is up to you to rediscover who you are. As a story-driven graphic adventure, your goal as Noah is to explore Brookside Sanitarium for clues to your identity, usually by studying objects and thinking about their relevance. The Redemption Meter on the gui will display your current memory status and provide backstory/hints as you progress. Occasionally you will suffer from Delirium Mode, a debilitating situation where the very world around you will seem to warp and shift, sometimes revealing a glimpse into your own past--or the past of others.

Click here to download the game and read its reviews.

--Rikus puts the coffee away.....woohoo!--

Posted by Ski 29th August, 2006

I was wondering when this would make front page. I was very impressed with the Graphics and cold atmostphere greated with the strip ceiling lights
Posted by Phredreeke 29th August, 2006

I haven't played any of the GoTW nominees, but I'll vote on this cause it's an adventure game. Now... to get my lazy arse working on my game...
Posted by DaVince 30th August, 2006

Omg, typo in the GOTW!


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