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Lots of new games!
News posted 4th September, 2006 by Flava  
Well, I logged on today to find that a few more games had been submitted - all of which I thought were pretty good, and some which I thought deserved a front page mention! Yay!

Bibin has been rather busy. He's submitted his very awesome 'retro remake' titled Donkey Kong Jr. XP, in which you take the role of Donkey Kong Jr and are on a mission to save your 'papa' from the evil Mario!

Comments from the author: The Tables have turned! Mario has captured Donkey Kong! You must get the key to the cage at the top of the jungle... thing, to free him! Climb vines and jump over enemies to get there! Meanwhile, drop fruits on enemies to kill them, and get there quick for points!

Click here to download this game and read its reviews.

Another game that got my attention was Don't Let The Poor Hermanni Die!, created by MJK. You must take care of your creature (called Hermanni) by giving him the correct amount of nutrients. Giving him too much of one nutrient, or not giving him enough, could prove fatal.. Give it a try!

Comments from the author: In DLTPHD, you must keep this creature called Hermanni alive by providing him the correct amounts of different kind of basic nutrients such as carbohydrates, vitamin c, proteins and beer. With conscientious care, it's possible to ensure relatively long (over a 'year') and strong life for Hermanni to enjoy.

Click here to download this game and read its reviews.

Posted by Phredreeke 4th September, 2006

Flava FTW!
Posted by Radix 5th September, 2006

what the shit is that green thing supposed to be
Posted by Flava 5th September, 2006

A hermanni!
Posted by MJK 5th September, 2006

Yes, that's correct. Hermanni is his name and he's very very go feed him, Radix!
Posted by Dustin Gunn 5th September, 2006

it's hideous!
Posted by Bibin 5th September, 2006



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