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Pete Nattress says goodbye:(
News posted 20th September, 2006 by Rikus  
Hey folks our good friend and fellow admin Pete Nattress has let us know that he has left the site. Pete signed up as a admin to the daily click in 2003 and with his very cool way of writing he was instantly a famous name on the tdc. Pete i just wanted to thank you for staying with the site for as long as you did and helping us out, you have been a great admin, i wish you luck with whatever is next on your path, and remember to visit us every now and then and say hello. You will be missed. Please leave your goodbye msg right here for Pete to read.

here is the goodbye msg from Pete himself: Hello folks, I've been pretty busy recently and to be honest I've just drifted away from both clicking and this site. Which is a shame I guess, but the time to move on must come eventually, and I had a few fun years here learning a lot both about programming and dealing with online communities. I apologise for not logging in before now to tell you all, but I don't think I shall be coming back in the forseeable future. Thanks to all you guys for running this great site; I know you all put in more effort than I ever did and it shows in the quality of this place. I wish you all every success in the future. So long and thanks for all the fish! Pete

Click here to read Pete's very first News Post on the tdc!

Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 20th September, 2006

And that Poodles game still isn't finished.
Posted by Liquixcat 20th September, 2006

Bye Mr. Natress
Posted by Flava 21st September, 2006

Bye bye pete
Posted by Simon Colmer 21st September, 2006

ode to Pete!
Posted by Peblo 21st September, 2006

Oh, sad.
Posted by colej_uk 21st September, 2006

Bye Pete
Posted by Matt Boothman 21st September, 2006

Good luck Pete.
Posted by Jarzka 21st September, 2006

There should be a space after that sad smile.

Oh yes, and good buy :S
Posted by Jarzka 21st September, 2006

After = Before

Where is the edit-button?
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 21st September, 2006

Congrats on the real life, Pete.
Posted by Hagar 21st September, 2006

Take Care dude, good luck with life
Posted by AS Filipowski 21st September, 2006

Good luck with whatever you're doing Pete! I'll miss you thats for sure!
Posted by Smeggy 21st September, 2006

Take care Pete, you'll be missed.
Posted by AndyUK 21st September, 2006

Goodbye pete. I didn't actually realise you weren't here. uh... but now i know you are leaving i'll miss ya buddy.
Posted by Del Duio 22nd September, 2006

Good luck Pete! I wish I would have known earlier but I couldn't log into TDC for like 4 days or so.
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 22nd September, 2006

Later Mr. Nattress! Thanks for all your hard work and support!
Posted by Joe.H 22nd September, 2006

so that makes... ur... 6 inactive admins now?
Posted by Zethell 23rd September, 2006

Woho! .. i mean aww..
Posted by Zimtower 23rd September, 2006

Bye wet mattress
Posted by DaVince 25th September, 2006

Well, see you then.
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 25th September, 2006

see you pete...
Posted by Zimtower 26th September, 2006

In celebration i bought meself a copy of mmf2
Posted by Dr. James MD 27th September, 2006



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