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News posted 30th September, 2006 by Rikus  
Alright folks give Phizzy a big hurray because he donated a nice amount to our site. Today we will celibrate phizzy day!!.. or maybe not:) If you have a second please post some comments in the comments section.

Posted by Ski 30th September, 2006

Posted by Rikus 30th September, 2006

oh no the world as we know it is forever changed! The incorrect currency is displayed!! Hey it was that or another anime chick
Posted by Ski 30th September, 2006

LOL, I forgot to say I was joking! It doesn't matter really. _
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 30th September, 2006

Thanks for the money MO-FO!
Posted by axel 30th September, 2006

Posted by Flava 30th September, 2006

Cheers Phizzi
Posted by steve 30th September, 2006

Nice one! When is the borat film out!?
Posted by Ski 30th September, 2006

Thats nearly like $40 but not quite
Posted by Silveraura 30th September, 2006

Notice how quickly this news post got 10 posts.
Posted by Jason Dudie 30th September, 2006

I'd donate some money to phizzy if he'd change his scary avatar...

Posted by Liquixcat 1st October, 2006

TDC or cheap hooker....good choice, TDC doesn't have herpes. (Most likely)
Posted by Hill Gigas 1st October, 2006

What WOULD we go on "Phizzy Day"? Would we all give eachother $20? If so, I guess it would be the same thing as just keeping our money in the first place. So, thanks a lot for a worthless holiday Phizz.
Posted by Mruqe 1st October, 2006

Happy Phizzy Day! YAY!
Everybody, have a Lard-On-A-Stick.
Posted by Peblo 1st October, 2006

All the Brandons?
Posted by ZeroTau[FA] 2nd October, 2006

Phizzy, stop breathing my bottled air.
Posted by Mruqe 2nd October, 2006

I'm sexier than thou. I can call you a cab if I want to.
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 2nd October, 2006

he's quite tellin the truth thou
Posted by siiseli 3rd October, 2006

Posted by The Chris Street 4th October, 2006

Damnit I was gonna ban Phizzy. It feels wrong to do that now
Posted by Ski 5th October, 2006

He earned that money on the streets Return it to him and BAN BAN BAN WOOoOoOOooooooo
Posted by DaVince 7th October, 2006

Thanks for donating, Phizzy.
Posted by izac 9th October, 2006

I dislike phizzy with great intesity!
Posted by Phizzy 12th June, 2015

Hah. I have no idea who any of these people are.


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