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New Demo: Special Agent
News posted 30th September, 2006 by Flava  
I just had to post something about this. I don't know about you, but I've been really excited about Special Agent, which is being created by Wong - and he's so kind that he has decided to give us a taste of things to come! It is certainly worth the download, so try it out!

Comments from the author: "Special Agent" is a game inspired by Apogee's old platformer "Secret Agent". The game is a series of platform levels with individual objectives, which range from destroying targets to collecting items and several more complex stages. You play as Special Agent Robert, whose latest assignment is to reach one of the remote islands owned by the SDDS (the Society for the Development of Diabolical Schemes) and to sabotage their buildings. This will prevent them from being able to carry out their world-threatening plans, such as flooding the crisp market with Prawn Cocktail flavour, and giving Jeremy Beadle another daytime TV programme.

Click here to download the demo and read its reviews.

Posted by DaVince 3rd October, 2006

Whooooo I can access TDC again! News post time!

Oh yeah, and that game looks pretty neat.
Posted by axel 3rd October, 2006

At least he's not promoting his own game on the news page this time, omg
Posted by Phredreeke 4th October, 2006

Flava FTW!

(yes, I can access TDC again too)


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