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GOTW #203 - Tubopac
News posted 14th October, 2006 by Flava  
You probably will not be surprised about the outcome of this week's GOTW. The winner has been in the lead all week, and won the poll with a huge 32 votes (the other games barely even reached double figures - unlucky!). The winner of this week's GOTW is Tubopac created by Monkey Soft. Congratulations to you, it is certainly deserved!

Click here to download the GOTW.

There are five games for you to vote for this week, and it is another difficult choice. We've again had a few demos this week, but I'm afraid they can not be entered into the poll! The games which you can vote for this week are:

Tactical RACING Simulation
Bawler- The Quest For Ultimate Height
Pack Man is Getting Tough

Another tough choice, so chose wisely! Also apologies about the delay with the Clickzine. I have been very busy with coursework and such at college, and so haven't found much time to get around to it. We have the new Clickzine system sorted - I just need to purchase some web hosting and a domain and we should hopefully be ready to release! I'll post more news as soon as things progress.

Posted by morty 14th October, 2006

Thanks you very much for all votes for Tankwars And congratulations to Tubopac, which obviously was the very best game since some GOTWs.
Posted by Johnny Look 14th October, 2006

Fantastic I had a vote. Guess who voted.
Posted by Monkey Soft 14th October, 2006

Thank you all guys
Posted by Phredreeke 14th October, 2006

Flava FTW!
Posted by steve 14th October, 2006

Posted by Johnny Look 14th October, 2006

btw, looks like someone is cheating this week...
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 14th October, 2006

All of those votes are from genuine accounts.
Posted by Johnny Look 15th October, 2006

I was talking about "Pack Man is Getting Tough" who receive 3 votes pretty quickly, and the game isn't that good. Since then nobody voted again. Weird, don't you think ?
If I'm wrong, sorry, but I think someone should check this.
Posted by Peblo 15th October, 2006

Genuine 3 accounts, probably 2 of his friends.
Posted by Johnny Look 15th October, 2006

I doubt, but ok.


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