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New Game - Zelda's Rupees
News posted 14th October, 2006 by The Chris Street  
Wow! Nintendo have secretly released a brand new never before seen Zelda game!!! Actually, in truth, it is Franz who has released a new Zelda game. And it's not a proper Zelda game either. Called Zelda's Rupees, the game has you controlling Link as you collect Rupees! Who would have guessed it?

Comments from the Author:In this fast paced arcade game you must collect as many of Zelda's Rupees as you can, whilst dodging arrows, bombs and Ganondorf's summoned monsters. Use the Bug Catching Net and Pegasus Boots to get those pesky hard-to-reach rupees. Don't mess up; Zelda is counting on you!

Click here to download this game and read its reviews.

Posted by Franz (Fendez Gaming) 14th October, 2006

hehe, nice way of introducing it circy
Posted by Radix 14th October, 2006

Were you wearing that pink tank top when you wrote this, Circy?
Posted by The Chris Street 15th October, 2006

Hell yeah.


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