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GOTW #204: Abstractica˛
News posted 21st October, 2006 by Flava  
It seems that another game has totally 'owned' the polls again this week. And it's not the first time that MJK has managed to do this. This week, the winner is quite obviously Abstractica˛, with over 30 votes. Congratulations to MJK - although I'm still struggling to complete the game!

Click here to download the GOTW.

Finally, we have a lot of games for you to vote for! And it is another difficult choice so choose wisely. This week we have a total of 9 games for you to vote for, and here they are:

Zelda's Rupees
Skullo RPG
Kirby's Flight
Love and War: Act I
Ecosystem Simulator The Game

More information about the Clickzine! This week I've been rather busy, applying for university, finishing my coursework .etc. However, next week is the holidays and so I pretty much have a whole week off college. Therefore, consider next week to be Clickzine week - we'll be hopefully getting the site set up, and you should have your first glimpse!

Posted by Ski 21st October, 2006

I quite liked this game, it deserved gotw
Posted by MJK 21st October, 2006

Yay! And congrats especially to Hempuli whose idea this was..
Posted by izac 21st October, 2006

Well done MJK! This game deserves GOTW!
Posted by Hempuli 21st October, 2006

Bah, h did'nt say anything about me!
Posted by Ski 21st October, 2006

Yeah thats kinda bad, welldone Hempuli
Posted by Reno 21st October, 2006

good work
Posted by Silveraura 21st October, 2006

I haven't played the second version, but I enjoyed the first version. I'm sure this was a very well deserved gotw.
Posted by Johnny Look 21st October, 2006

Wrong: 8 games, one app.
Posted by Phredreeke 22nd October, 2006

Flava FTW!
Posted by Ski 22nd October, 2006

Yeah, its kinda repetative now... hey wow, just like Scurvy sandcheese
Posted by Johnny Look 22nd October, 2006

yeah Flava FTW !


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